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if it is hard to understand the question, if you look page 42 on...

if it is hard to understand the question, if you look page 42 on attached file there is question that Im asking. Thank you SECTION 1.14 INTERNET RESEARCH ON MALPRACTICE PROBLEM ONE—B PARK, BROWN & SMITH, P.C. ATTORNEYS AT LAW M E M O R A N D U M TO: All Law Clerks FROM: Peter Smith, Esquire RE: Internet Research on Medical Malpractice It has become very expensive to maintain a law library, so I am interested in learning how to conduct legal research on the internet. I have been told that many courts have posted their decisions on the web and a number of excellent search engines and websites provide answers to a variety of legal problems. Park, Brown & Smith, P.C. has been consulted by a client who suffered a tragic loss as the result of the amputation of her foot due to the negligence of Dr. Jones. The client had a cancerous tumor on the right foot that required amputation. However, in the operating room, Dr. Jones became confused and mistakenly amputated the left foot. I believe this is a clear case of medical malpractice, and we should recover millions. Please research the issue of medical malpractice on the internet. I want to learn if there are any legal resources on this topic. Let me know the results of your internet research and provide me with an explanation on how you uncovered the information. Print out two of these resources and attach the first page of each site to this assignment. Your research should not be confined to cases involving the amputation of a leg or foot.

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Chapter One: Law in Business, An Overview 1 C HAPTER 1 L AW IN B USINESS , A N O VERVIEW 1 S ECTION 1.1 I NTRODUCTION Law is a dynamic force that is not capable of a single or simple defini- tion. For instance, the Greek philosopher Aristotle believed that ±law is a pledge that citizens of a state will do justice to one another.² Black±s Law Dictionary defines the term as ±that which must be obeyed and followed by citizens, subject to sanctions or legal consequences.² Re- gardless of how the term is defined, the law affects all aspects of life and establishes the parameters of acceptable conduct within our soci- ety. These rules can be created by the legislature, administrative regulations, or be imposed by court decree. While one may not always agree with the law, deviations from these mandates may result in both criminal and civil liabilities. In the face of expanding government regulations and a litigation-ori- ented society, businesses must be cognizant of the legal implications of their actions. Seemingly minor violations of the law may have signifi- cant financial and emotional consequences. Million-dollar verdicts occur with some frequency in the United States, and the courts do rec- ognize new or expanded theories of liability. Law books tend to be theoretical and discuss the economic, sociologi- cal, and political framework within which the law operates. This text will examine the forces that shape the law and will provide the reader with the opportunity to observe the legal system in action. As the se- mester unfolds, the reader will follow the legal difficulties encountered by a local sports bar and its owners as they struggle to operate in today³s complex business world and maintain a profit. Students will learn of these legal controversies through a series of problems that the reader will be requested to help solve. This text is broken down into several segments. Part One will examine some of the basic principles of the law in the United States such as the evolution of our legal system and the doctrine of precedent. Part Two will expose the reader to the categories of private law´contracts, torts, property and family law. The final portion of the book will look at those laws that specifically affect the entrepreneur including how to form a business enterprise, employee rights, and the legal implications of dealing with international business transactions. Hodge_CH01.pmd 10/13/2008, 10:25 AM 1
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