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Federal, State and local laws must be adhered to when developing or managing a business.

In this discussion you will review Federal and State laws as well as take a look at your local laws in relation to the simulation of Tim's Coffee Shoppe and Exavier Candy Company.


The above link is to the U.S. Small Business Administration site where all federal laws and regulations can be accessed for reference purposes. Make sure you research your state and local laws that apply.
•Identify one Federal, State and local law each for Tim’s Coffee Shoppe and Exavier Candy Company (a total of six laws) that would apply to those businesses (laws you have not previously described) if they were located in your area. State why each law applies based on the difference in the size and type of each business. Describe the impact of these laws on each of these companies.

U.S. Small Business Administration. (n.d.). Electronic lending. Retrieved from http://www.sba.gov/tools/resourcelibrary/lawsandregulations/index.html


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Tims Coffee Shop
Federal Law: JOB SAFETY AND HEALTH PROTECTION Occupational Safety and
Health Administration 29 USC 657(c), 29 CFR 1903.2.
The business must display the poster for this regulation...