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Writing Guide for ANTH100 Research Paper Fall 2013 Bibliography Deadline: Week 6 in Discussion Paper Deadline: October 16 Submission Information: You...

Research Paper Anthropology (THE writing instructions are also attached file)

Choose any ONE of the topic from all the topics given. and write 5-7 pages no more than 7 pages. 5 SCHOLARLY References IN AAA format. The research paper should be PERSUASIVE, with a clear thesis in first paragraph.


Cultural Anthropology Topics:
• Describe medical or healing practices of a non-western society (ex. Tibetan medicine, Ayurveda, Chinese acupuncture, etc.). Discuss how aspects of this system differ from “Western” medicine, and describe how these practices and beliefs are tied to other cultural aspects of the society that practices this medicine (for example, spiritual or religious connections to healing practices, historical aspects of social or economic organization that shaped beliefs about medicine, etc.).
• Body modification (such as tattooing, scarification, foot binding, etc.) has been a common practice among many societies and sub-cultures throughout history. Choose 1 or 2 examples of different types of body modification practices, and explore how and why particular groups (or sub-cultures within a society) practice these body modifications. Consider how body modification shapes the relationships between these people and the larger society, and what meanings (and/or controversies) are attached to these practices of body modification.
• How is increasing globalization affecting social stratification and the unequal division of wealth within and between countries? For this question only examine the relationship between two countries, such as the United States and China. Discuss major factors that shape the specific effects of globalization for these two countries, such as the impact of colonialism/foreign occupation, corporations out-sourcing jobs, political tensions, or migration. Be sure to make your discussion of globalization specifically anthropological. For example, do not write a paper supporting free trade and capitalist enterprise from a purely marketing/economics perspective.

Archaeological Topics:
• Choose one of the following monumental locations to explore: Stonehenge,
Angkor Wat, Cahokia, the Tholos Tombs of Greece, Machu Picchu, or the Great Pyramids of Giza. Describe how the site was constructed, its context, and its place in the local culture. Make sure to reference nearby monuments, and discuss potential functions for the location as well.
• Examine the earliest evidence for the domestication of plants and animals in both the Near East in the “Fertile Crescent” and in Mesoamerica. Compare and contrast the two regions focusing on possible reasons why and how domestication developed in each of these areas.
• Choose and examine a long-distance trading network between at least two different cultural groups. Consider where and when the trading network occurred, what was being traded, and its social meaning from both (or all) cultural groups involved. Examples of possible routes include the overland Silk Road, maritime trade in southeast Asia, and obsidian trade in the Near East or Mesoamerica.

Linguistic Anthropology Topics:
• Choose one aspect of symbolic communication (e.g. hand gestures, personal space, greetings, etc.) and discuss how it differs between cultural groups (at least 2, but no more than 4). Describe how this form of communication may help or hinder communication between and within cultures. Discuss why these differences may have arisen and what, if any, historical significance they may have. Also, consider how other aspects of their society (household organization, social hierarchy, gender relations, political structure, etc.) may influence the cultural practices of this form of symbolic communication.
• There are over 6,000 languages spoken in our world today, but over half of those are in danger of disappearing within the next few decades. Examine 1-2 languages that are considered to be endangered and explore the causes for their disappearance. Describe the history of the language, the history of the people that speak the language, and the political and social aspects that may be influencing its development or disappearance. Also, provide a brief description explaining why anthropologists study dying languages and what significance the loss of a particular language, or the diversity of languages, has for the overall human population.

Writing Guide for ANTH100 Research Paper Fall 2013 Bibliography Deadline: Week 6 in Discussion Paper Deadline: October 16 Submission Information: You must submit both a paper copy of your research paper as well as an electronic version onto Blackboard through Safe Assign. The hard copy needs to be handed in at the beginning of the lecture while the electronic version must be submitted through the Blackboard website by the beginning of lecture (9:00am). Students who submit only one version (electronic or hard copy) of their paper, or who submit a different electronic version than hard copy of their paper may receive a zero for the assignment. Late Papers: o Late papers will not be accepted without a penalty unless there is a compelling reason and only if the instructor and TA have been consulted well in advance. o Papers that are handed in after the deadline will be marked down 10% for each day late. If it is turned in after 9:05am on October 16 th it will be counted as 1 day late. Weekend days will be included in the late day count. Papers more than one week late will not be accepted. Paper Formatting: Cover Page with the following information: o Title of Paper o Name of Student o Name of TA o Discussion day and time o Email address At least 5 full pages and no more than 7 full pages in text length (page length does not include your cover page, illustrations, and bibliography) 12 point font size Times New Roman font 1 inch margins on all sides Double-Spaced Last name and page number on bottom right corner of every page except cover page Bibliography/Works Cited Page with at least 5 scholarly sources Use AAA (American Anthropological Association) citation formatting Staple the paper in the top left hand corner Do not use plastic covers or binders Avoid using 1 st or 2 nd person voice in the paper Bibliography/Works Cited Deadline: The first part of your paper that you must submit is your bibliography page. This must be submitted during Week 6 in your discussion section and will be worth 5 points of your overall paper grade. Make sure to also include which paper topic you are choosing for your paper in your bibliography. Each source should be properly cited in AAA format, be considered a scholarly source, and be relevant to your topic to receive full points. 1
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Paper Rubric: One of the most important aspects of a research paper is to have a strong and clear thesis statement that will guide the structure of your paper. A thesis statement is essentially what you are going to argue in your paper and tells the reader the direction that your paper will be going. Your thesis statement should be in your introduction. The introduction should include your thesis statement as well as a general summary of the evidence you will be including to support your thesis. The body of your paper should be clearly organized with each paragraph containing a single flow of thought with supporting evidence. Your conclusion should restate your thesis and summarize your evidence. The approximate break-down of the points for the paper is as follows: 5 scholarly sources due week 6 5 points Thesis Statement 10 points Body Paragraphs, Content, and Information 50 points Conclusion 10 points Bibliography 5 points Proper Formatting (cover page, works cited, page length, etc.) 10 points Grammar and Spelling 10 points Total 100 points Paper Topic and Thesis: The paper topic must be chosen from the list of approved topics provided at the end of this writing guide. Once you have defined your research topic, you must include a thesis statement in the first paragraph of your paper. A thesis statement should provide an overview of your argument in one or two sentences. A strong thesis statement takes a stand, is specific, and expresses one main idea. Writing the paper: You should be especially careful to write the paper using clear and accurate spelling, grammar, and sentence structure. Before handing in the paper, you may wish to read it out loud, several times. This will help you find awkward sentences, grammatical errors, and other mistakes which you may skip over while simply scanning the paper with your eyes. A clear and logical narrative flow is not just a matter of style; it is critical in the formation and presentation of the research topic. We cannot evaluate the quality of the research if the writing is cluttered with grammatical mistakes, run-on sentences, and jumps of logic. KEEP IN MIND that this is an Anthropological paper. Your sources and the way in which you approach the topic must be anthropological. You can draw from history, biology, business, the medical field, etc., but the primary goal of the paper is to examine an issue from an anthropology perspective. Therefore, the majority of your sources should be from anthropological journals and books. Also, this is not an opinion paper. Scholarly papers are not concerned with personal opinions, experiences, beliefs, or viewpoints. You must focus your research and writing towards an objective view based on data and collected evidence from a variety of researchers and scholars on the topic. Sources and References: You must include at least 5 scholarly sources in this research paper. Part of writing a good paper is finding and using current sources. We expect to read up-to-date information from scholarly sources, not data from out-of-date or popular articles. All sources used in writing the paper must be properly cited in the text as well as in the bibliography . Also, you can use any of the articles or textbook from this course, but at least 3 of your 5 sources must be from your own outside research. Scholarly vs. Popular Sources: 2
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Languages are representatives of respective culture. Their importance in sustaining the
values and legacies of a culture is immense and that is the...

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