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It is obvious that there are differences that exist between the...

It is obvious that there are differences that exist between the health status of people in the U.S. and those in less developed countries. Identify at least one significant health problem or concern for two underdeveloped countries, and compare their statuses in those areas to the U.S. Visit the following link: and read Chapter 8. Choose two of the health intervention cases that were discussed in Chapter 8, then list and describe the political and economic factors that impacted each health outcome. The fundamental-cause theory suggests that those with greater access to resources will experience better health because of those resources, regardless of changes in cause, time, or situation. Do you agree with this theory? Do you believe that this truth only applies to those with a higher social status? Explain your position and provide at least one supporting fact. What are the factors that differentiate a more developed country from a less developed country? Why are death and disease so prevalent in less developed countries? Give specific examples. Discuss how an individual’s race, ethnicity, age, sex, and gender can impact his or her health.

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