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1. Explain Aristotle’s conception of human function and what it...

1. Explain Aristotle’s conception of human function and what it means to be a virtuous person.2. Describe what Thrasymachus means when he says that “justice is the advantage of the stronger”.What is one response that Socrates issues against this claim?3. [David Hume Question TBD]4. Why is it that a good will is the only thing that is good without qualification, according to Kant? Provideand elaborate on an example of action in accordance with the right thing, but that is not necessarilyaligned with Kant’s conception of a good will.5. Explain one of Kant’s formulations of the categorical imperative. Provide an example.6. Explain Mill’s argument that higher pleasures are preferable to lower pleasures.7. Explain the “Fred” counterexample to the Greatest Happiness Principle.8. Provide a brief description of the account of animal sentience/consciousness that pervaded much ofmedieval and enlightenment thought. Why is this problematic in today’s context?9. Provide an account of Frey’s argument that testing on animals may not be speciesist. What potentiallycontroversial implication results?10.What is the tragedy of the commons? Provide an example and explain how it serves as acounterexample to Adam Smith’s traditionally ascribed “invisible hand” claim.11.What key premise does Thomson allow regarding the abortion debate? Describe her violinist thoughtexperiment, and a potential limitation of its intuitive appeal.12.What key premise does Thomson allow regarding the abortion debate? Describe her “people seeds”thought experiment, and a potential limitation of its intuitive appeal.13.Describe Beckwith’s “careful father” analogy, and explicitly state the principle it is supposed tosupport. What implication does this have for abortion if the analogy is compelling?14.What is Pleonexia? Why does Rawls think that the Aristotelian concern with Pleonexia cannotadequately counter his conception of distributive justice?15.Describe Nozick’s third condition of justice in holdings. What potential problems are there for thiscondition?16.Who are the bourgeois and the proletariat according to Marx and Engels? Why is the relationshipbetween them important?17.What is “alienated labor” according to Marx? How might it apply in today’s modern (partial) capitalistsociety?18. [Genetic Enhancement TBD]19.Why does race count as a ‘suspect class’? How did the UC Davis Medical School justify using this class,and what evidence today could bolster such a use?20.What does Scalia mean when he says “we” are not responsible? Explain how his restorative justicehandicapping system supports such a claim.

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