Outline I. IntroductionII. Existential questions and religion1. Existence and Hinduisma. Reincarnation

By this time you should have done a fair amount of research and read several resources. Write an outline of your paper that includes the headings and an overview of the major areas of discussion/content. An outline would look something like this:

2. Existence and Christianity


Annotated Bibliography

Include, on a separate page, an annotated bibliography with your list of sources. 


A typical example might look like this (normally double-spaced):


King, Winston L. “The Existential Nature of Buddhist Ultimates.” Philosophy of East and West 33.3 (1983): 263–271. Print.


In this paper, the author evaluates the way in which the Buddhist treatment of existential questions has evolved over time. Buddha spent little time positing answers to metaphysical quandaries, but more contemporary Buddhist practitioners have ventured to develop responses to questions about what exists and why. The author considers whether modern Buddhism has altogether abandoned its classic roots, concluding it has not. He then evaluates the role emptiness plays in Buddhist ontology. 

I chose the religions of Hinduism and Christianity. I have attached the rubric for the assignment. Also If you need the feedback of what the proffessor said and or the paper from the first milestone i can give you. I will attached that as well and it has the feedback ont he bottom too.

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Afterlife or death is an essential issue within any religion, but they all have different views about them. Christians and Hindu both have a very unique belief about existential questions and afterlife. Christian’s usually believe that life is given by God, the supreme being, and that they are created in His own image, hence, man should not interfere with human life but strive to live according to the will of God. Christian’s believe that birth is a blessing from God to mankind and that life is holy and should be preserved and lived to please the creator who is God. Therefore, every Christian should avoid sinning and avoiding bad judgment. At the end of time when God shall come to take the righteous people to heaven. Life is created by God and only God can take it away hence, death is only allowed by God. Christian’s believe there is eternal life after death, which, if they lived according to the will of God in this life they will have a good life after death but if they sinned against God they will suffer and even perish in the next life. They also believe that after death, one’s soul goes to heaven for those people who have lived a righteous life or goes to hell to suffer and perish for those who lived a sinful life. The Hindu religion believes in Karma; this involves rebirth of the soul also known as Atman. Their reason for living is to achieve moksha or liberation from the cycle of death and rebirth. A Hindu’s next life is determined by karma. This involves his or her bad deeds in the previous life. They also live per dharma or their moral responsibilities and duties. Hindu’s then strive to get in a good state of their life before they die ensuring that they have completed their issues in the existing life before the rebirth of their soul in the next life. If Hindu’s don’t they are reincarnated to a lower caste or a worse off life till they do good deeds to then finish their cycle of reincarnation. Then and only then will the cycle of reincarnation end for Hinduism.
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