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QUESTION 1Where does Mill think we should look to determine the foundational principles of morality?

  1. A.Sensory experience of the world
  2. B.Our reasoning
  3. C.Empirical science
  4. D.Mill thinks moral principles are unknowable



What does Mill assert to be the fundamental law of morality?

  1. A.The Weak Principle
  2. B.The Categorical Imperative
  3. C.The Greatest Happiness Principle
  4. D.Mill does not identify a fundamental law



When evaluating happiness, how does Mill think it should be considered with respect to its Qualty and Quantity?

  1. A.BOTH Quantity and Quality should be considered
  2. B.ONLY Quantity should be considered
  3. C.Only Quality should be considered
  4. D.Neither Quantity nor Quality should be considered



Who does Mill think is best positioned to determine the worse of two different kinds of pains?

  1. A.Scientists
  2. B.Philosophers
  3. C.The individual experiencing the pains
  4. D.Government officials


How does Mill justify that it is morally better to have a genuine, noble character?

  1. A.Individuals are happier when they have a noble character
  2. B.Other people are happier when they are around and interact with people with noble characters
  3. C.Those without a noble character are punished in the afterlife
  4. D.It is impossible to be miserable while being noble

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QUESTION 1 Where does Mill think we should look to determine the foundational principles of morality? A.Sensory experience of the world B.Our
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