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Book VII, Chapter 1

  1. The best life, the most desirable life, requires three kinds of goods. What are they? Why are they needed? Aristotle claim that this is true of the individual and the city. So what does knowledge of these three kinds of good imply for those who are in power in the city?

Book VII, Chapter 13, see para. 9-13

  1. What makes a state good? And how does Aristotle claim individuals can become good and virtuous? What does this imply about the education of the citizens? 

Book VII, Chapter 14, see para. 1-14

  1. What is the distinction between despotic rule and government of freemen? Why does it matter to Aristotle? What must the government keep foremost in mind in the education of the citizens?

  Read Part I and II

  1.  What is the relationship between filial piety and political obedience? Why does Confucius believe that they are connected? What does this tell us about political authority? Do you agree or disagree?

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