i need the following questions answered 1) What is Philosophy? 2) The term philosophy comes from: 3) What is the meaning of 'Philosophia'? 4)
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i need the following questions answered1) What is Philosophy?2) The term philosophy comes from: 

3) What is the meaning of 'Philosophia'?


4) Mechanism maintains:


5) Technology states:


6) Which aims to determine the nature, basis and extent of knowledge?


7) 'The various ways of knowing, the nature of truth and the relationship between knowledge

and belief' is explored by:


8) Philosophers often distinguish between how many kinds of knowledge? What are they?

9) Which theory states that an idea is true if it corresponds to the facts or reality?


10) Which theory maintains that an idea is true if it works or settles the problem it deals with?


11) The coherence theory states:


12) Which is the philosophy that claims 'we can never have real knowledge of anything'?


13) Which is the study of principles and methods of reasoning?


14) Logic explores:


15) What is called an instance of reasoning?

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