A thin metal rod of mass 1.2 kg and length 0.8 m is at rest in...

A thin metal rod of mass 1.2 kg and length 0.8 m is at rest in outer space, near a space station (see figure below). A tiny meteorite with mass 0.07 kg traveling at a high speed of 195 m/s strikes the rod a distance 0.2 m from the center and bounces off with speed 60 m/s as shown in the diagram. The magnitudes of the initial and final angles to the x axis of the small mass's velocity are θi = 26° and θf = 82°.

(a) Afterward, what is the velocity of the center of the rod? (Express your answer in vector form.) 
vCM =     m/s 

(b) Afterward, what is the angular velocity ω of the rod? (Express your answer in vector form.) 
ω =    rad/s 

(c) What is the increase in internal energy of the objects? 

Please answer the question in vector form! Vector form! Vector form!

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