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21. consider the cireuit shown in the gure. What power is dissipated by the top 5-9 resistor? 5 n 3 :1 3 n a 14W t. 17W b. 112W 11. 51W 22. whatislhe...


can you answer the questions that are posted below, thank you so much!!

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Screen Shot 2018-04-01 at 4.35.38 PM.png

21. consider the cireuit shown in the figure. What power is dissipated by the top 5-9 resistor?
5 n 3 :1 3 n a 14W t. 17W
b. 112W 11. 51W 22. whatislhe ourrentthrmgh the sansismr?
1D 0 a. LEA (. USDA
b. 15A d. LEM 23. A proton is released sud: that it has an initial speed also it 10’ mils from lei‘t to right across the page.
A magnetic lield nfil T is present atan angle at 30' to the horizontal direction [or positive :axis}. what is Ihe magnitude m‘the farce esperienced by the proton? (rag: 1.6 'x 10' ”c]
a. Baxifl'”l'l t. d.flxlD’“N
a. 7.5 x 10’" d. 1.32 1U” N 2:. A stationary positive charge it] is lotated in a magnetic lield ii, which is rireeted mward the right as indm-atethe direction of the magnetic forte an a is:
4- W
a. toward the right. e. There is no magnetic fume.
in. up. d. down.
15. n proton, mass 1.57 x 10 ”kg and charge +1.5 x 10'” 1:, moves In a u’rdular omit perpendicular to a
uniform magnetic lield offljn 1. find me time (nrthe proton in make one mmplete cireulamrbitt
a. a.) x 10"5 (. 5.5 n to" s
b. mun": d. uxw‘s 26. An electron l! min; at a speed of :12 x 13‘ m/s altar: angle of 50‘ with respett to a uniform magnetic
lield ohm x 10 ‘T.whatisf1te radius loe resulting helieal path? [rrn = 9.11 x 10 " kg, al= L6 x 1::
is c)
a. 2.1m e. 4.] cm
b. 3.7 m d. 3.5 cm 27. n zomwire segment rarrying a current omit) n oriented parallel to a mildrm magnetic field anus
Texperienees a foreeol what magnitude?
a. {Latin (. ms"
b. 6.7 N d. zero 25. a horizontal wire oflength 5.6 m carries a current of 5.5 A and is oriented so thatthecurrentdirecfim
is 541‘ Sofw.11ie Earth's mametic field is due north at this pointarid has astrengdt of 0.14 x m‘T.
what is the size ml the fame m the wire? a. 1.6rlUdN t. 1.9:10‘N
b. MBxlIJ‘N d. 2.5mm 2‘3. n mil-m long wire sari-ring a nurrentdful AvnIl be atmmpawed by a magnetic lield of whatstrengdr
at a distance olllmfl m [mm thewire? lmagnet': permeabil' n empty spacemztn 1:1- ” T-mln) 31]. A Ngfwoltage power line 2|] m above the ground came a mrrent Mme. what rs the magnetic
lield due to the mrrent diledlyulltlemealh the pmva‘ line? but :4” m'71-NA]
a. 14 mT (. 20 in
b. 35in d. 50in

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