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I am reattaching my homework, as it seems that for some reason it didn't go through, if it did, then please ignore this homework help, but also please try and give me the answers as soon as you can, I need them in max 4-5 more hours. Answer the first 3 questions (all parts in Q 1,2 and 3) with thorough explanation of the steps you've used ( as you usually do ).
Thanks, and please respond as soon as you can, I can see that your time is currently 11:41AM, unfortunatley though I can only select Friday, so please answer me as soon as you can ( in 4-5 hours max from now prefferebly) .
Thanks again

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    S2 2010

    Problem Sheet 7
    Due: 5pm Friday 17th September
    Use the Model, Visualize, Solve and Assess pattern as described in the text.
    Fill in and attach a cover sheet to the front of...
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