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According to your text, research on adult thinking and behavior has found that (Points : 1) specific child-rearing practices of parents have great influence. how parents feel about their children has great influence. development is predictable when all children are treated the same. all of the answers are true. 2. Mark scored 120 on the Stanford-Binet intelligence test. Based on his score which of the following is true? (Points : 1) Mark has average intelligence. Mark has below average intelligence. Mark has above average intelligence. Conclusions cannot be made from the given information. 3. Upper class, middle class, and lower class societal groups demonstrate (Points : 1) social strata. the endosystem. globalization of the economy. the necessity of two working parents. 4. Which of the following is NOT a secondary sex characteristic? (Points : 1) penis pubic hair adam’s apple facial hair 5. Spending time volunteering at the local food bank and agreeing to be part of the office group-walk for charity are examples of (Points : 1) prosocial behavior. peer review. conformity. emotional intelligence. 6. A socioeconomic group shares the same (Points : 1) culture and racial characteristics. financial and ethnic characteristics. financial and social characteristics. culture and ethnic characteristics. 7. Ruriko, a recent Japanese immigrant, is doing her best to adopt the behaviors of American society. She is adopting the _______________ model. (Points : 1) assimilation pluralistic ethnic identification institutional 8. Most body systems begin to decline during the period developmental psychologists call (Points : 1) early adulthood. middle adulthood. later adulthood. old age. 9. Pao does not much care about where he came from or any of his ethnic traditions. With regards to identity formation, Pao would be described as one who is (Points : 1) diffuse. foreclosed. in moratorium. in achievement. 10. Which of the following do experts recommend regarding the search for information on the Internet? (Points : 1) Avoid Boolean operators since new technology has made them obsolete. Stick with one search engine, like Yahoo or Google, so that bookmarks are better organized. Bookmark any site that has possible value. Visit only websites that look professional