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Click and hold the mouse on the 200 MWCO membrane and drag it to...

Click and hold the mouse on the 200 MWCO membrane and drag it to the membrane holder between the beakers. Release the mouse button to lock the membrane into place.

Increase the glucose concentration to be dispensed by clicking the (+) button under the left beaker until the display window reads 4 mM. Click Dispense to fill the left beaker.

Click the Deionized Water button under the right beaker and then click Dispense to fill the right beaker with deionized water.

Adjust the timer to 5 minutes (compressed time), then click the Start button.

Record the quantity of glucose that diffused into the right beaker ([Glucose]R) in the Table below for the 4 mM gradient. Calculate the diffusion rate for this gradient and record in the Table.

Repeat this procedure for the 8, 12, 16, and 20 mM gradients.

Use Excel to produce a graph of diffusion rate as a function of the magnitude of the concentration gradient. 

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