Question 20 Question text In regards to the transformative...

Question 20

Question text

In regards to the transformative technology industry, DFS is an

abbreviation for?

Select one:

a. digital financial sectors

b. division four securities

c. digital financial services

d. digital fiscal sectors

Question 21

Information technology has improved which of the following

sectors of society:

Select one:

a. Family and eldercare

b. Privacy and security

c. Education and journalism

d. All of the above

Question 22

Question text

Emerging technologies have created new professions, as well as

industries such as:

Select one:

a. Website designers

b. Internet access providers

c. Web-based businesses

d. All of the above

Question 23

Question text

Just half a decade after the 2008 global financial crisis, an

estimated 50________individuals were, from a statistical point of

view, categorized as hungry in _________.

Select one:

a. thousand, Canada

b. billion, the United States

c. million, the United States

d. million, the United Kingdom

Question 24

Question text

What types of organizations have been known to sponsor distance


Select one:

a. government aid agencies

b. private industry

c. public and private foundations

d. All of the above

Question 25

Question text

Genetically modified organisms:

Select one:

a. Are more resistant to parasites

b. Grow faster

c. Are not natural

d. All of the above

Question 26

Question text

One of the core principles of the Marshall Plan was that it was

unfair to assist people who were struggling for their lives.

Select one:



Question 27

Question text

Which US company was criticized for poor workers' rights in

Liberia, and sued for this in 2005?

Select one:

a. Starbuck's

b. Firestone

c. McDonald's

d. Apple

Question 28

Question text

Two examples of "structural constraints" to development are

geography and "poverty traps."

Select one:



Question 29

Question text

A criticism of loans from the IMF and World Bank is that they:

Select one:

a. Are conditional

b. Have excessive administrative costs

c. Do not provide enough money in aid

d. All of the above

Question 30

Which of the following is a theory for why development has been

slower in some nations:

Select one:

a. Property rights

b. Lack of freedom

c. Culture

d. All of the above

Question 31

Tuberculosis is found primarily in rural areas in poorer countries.

Select one:



Question 32

Question text

The Marshall plan is also known as the European Recovery


Select one:



Question 33

Question text

What is one way the growing poverty crisis be dealt with


Select one:

a. Suggesting new policies, however not implementing them fully.

b. Managing old and outdated policies.

c. Reforming unfair policies.

d. None of the above.

Question 34

What are two crucial aspects that are needed for future

development, beyond the Millennium Development Goals, that

are important for expansion, according to the report on these

Millennium Development Goals?

Select one:

a. Social and Cultural Cohesion

b. Political Endorsements and Public Protests

c. Funding and Innovation

d. None of the above

Question 35

The World-Polity Theory of globalization is explained by:

Select one:

a. The desire to learn from indigenous cultures

b. A desire for stricter environmental regulations

c. Economic greed

d. The pursuit of establishment of a common world culture

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