Good evening my name is Emmanuel i need help with answering these 4...

Good evening my name is Emmanuel i need help with answering these 4 questions for my Political science class i attached a word doc thank You 

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1. What types of states are most likely to become authoritarian? Why? Along the same lines, what authoritarian states have been most likely to democraTze? Under what circumstances does this democraTzaTon occur and why? Based on previous Fndings, describe one country you think is likely to democraTze in the near future. 2. Compare and contrast interest groups and poliTcal parTes. Provide examples in your discussion of their similariTes and di±erences. What advantages do interest groups o±er that poliTcal parTes don’t? What advantages do poliTcal parTes o±er that interest groups don’t? 3.Socialism has evolved over the centuries from Karl Marx’s original purposed theories. ²he Frst change took place with Leninism and how many liberal socieTes incorporated a mild form of socialism referred to as social democracy. Your analysis should include a comparison of these forms of government and explain how and why socialism split into these several varieTes 4. InternaTonal Criminal Court was established to bring jusTce to those commi³ng crimes against humanity, war crimes or genocide it was established as an extension of the Rome Statue and only has jurisdicTon over countries that signed this treaty At this Tme the United States is not part of this agreement and thus does not fall under its jurisdicTon. Construct an argument for joining such a treaty, dealing the beneFts that internaTonal treaTes may o±er their members and which addresses the possible public concerns over the loss of naTonal sovereignty.
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