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COMM 1004 Week 3 Assignment: Interpersonal Interview When you read the synopsis of a story on the back cover of a book, how much can you accurately predict about the entire book? The book cover is meant to give a few important or interesting details about the whole to make the reader want to know more. In the same way, an introduction to a new person or the brief post you made to the Class Café is like the synopsis on your own personal book cover. It gave a snapshot of what you wanted others to perceive about you in a few interesting or important facts. This Application gives you the opportunity to test your perceptions of someone in your life who you do not know very well by learning more about them in an interview. Afterward, you will analyze how much of your initial judgments were accurate and what changes you may make in your perception once you have engaged more with someone else's "self." If the saying is correct, then you will find you "cannot judge a book by its cover." To Prepare for this Assignment: Read Chapters 2 and 3 in Understanding Interpersonal Communication: Making Choices in Changing Times . Read Chapters 11, 14, and 16 in Composing Relationships: Communication in Everyday Life . Think about people in your life whom you do not know very well . It could be someone you see (or communicate with electronically) almost every day for years, but you never really got to know them. The likely candidate might be at your place of work, a neighbor, or someone at church. Just make sure you choose someone whom you do not know a lot about already . You may also choose to try and connect with one of your classmates in this class. Read through the Class Café bios and then email a fellow classmate to see if he or she might be interested in interviewing each other. Review the Required Interview Questions listed below and located in the Doc Sharing for five beginning questions to ask your interviewee. To Complete the Assignment: 1. Contact your interviewee and set up a time to do the interview. The interview can be done face- to-face, over the phone, or via email. 2. Devise five more questions (use the 5 required first) to ask in the interview so that you ask ten questions in total. Make sure your questions are open-ended (in other words can’t be answered with just a “yes” or “no” or other one word answer). 3. If you do a face-to-face or phone interview, determine some way to record the interview. You could actually audio or video record the interview, or be ready to take detailed notes as you ask your interviewee questions. 4. Compose a 2- to 5-page paper in which you evaluate the interview you had with your interviewee and your resulting perceptions about the person and the interview as a whole. In the paper, please do the following: a. Write a clear introduction where you ease the reader into the topic of the paper, provide a clear thesis for the topic of the paper, and preview the main points you will have in the
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paper. Please see the document called “How to Write an Introduction” located in the Doc Sharing area for help in writing this introduction. b. You will have 3 main points in this paper. In main point #1, you should introduce the person you chose to interview. Give a brief background explaining how you know this person, what you knew about them before the interview, and why you chose to interview him or her for this assignment. If you are interviewing a fellow classmate, your information may come from their Class Café bio or other information they revealed in discussions. Also, give a brief description of your perception of the person before the interview. Were there stereotypes you had about the person, or inferences you had made about the person? This main point should be one paragraph long with 200-400 words. c. In main point #2, you are discussing the format of the interview and how that affected your perception. You should address these issues: Which format (face-to-face, phone, email) did you choose to communicate with your interviewee? Why did you select that format? Did the format affect your perception of your interviewee? How so? If you did not meet face-to-face, do you believe the information you gained from the interviewee would have been different if you had been physically sitting across from one another? Why or why not? If you did meet face-to-face, how might the interview have been different if you had done it via phone or email? At some point in this main point, you need to “apply” at least one term from chapters 2 or 3 in the Understanding Interpersonal Communication textbook. Use the “How to Apply Terms” document located in the Doc Sharing area of the classroom to help you apply a term. Remember, when you “apply” a term, it needs to support something you are talking about in the paper. It should not just be thrown into the paper to meet this requirement. This main point should be one paragraph with 300-500 words. d. In main point #3, you will analyze the kind of information you learned in the interview and discuss how that affected your perception. In this main point, you should address these issues: What questions did you choose to add to the interview questionnaire and why? In other words, what kind of interpersonal information were you hoping to learn by asking these questions?
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COMM 1004: Interpersonal Communication Week 3 Essay Assignment Introduction In this paper, I interviewed one of my friends, which I don’t know very well. I will first ask some basic question regarding her friends and family. Second, I will describe her different situation and also three accomplishments have given you the most satisfaction. Finally, I will ask regarding her personality and her weakness and how she can improve. Interview Questions The five interview questions below are required for your interview. You are expected to create five additional questions to ask your interviewee. 1. How do you think a friend or family member who knows you well would describe you? My family and friends would describe me as a genuine, sincere, and sensitive person. They have seen me grow up and have observed my behavior. They have seen me to show lots of love and care to each member of the family. As the oldest child, they saw me guide my younger siblings with their education. In addition, they have also witnessed me in situations where I was sensitive and became upset due to incorrect actions of others. They have realized that I take things to heart more than others. 2. What motivates you to put forth your greatest effort? Describe a situation in which you did so. My family motivates me to achieve the impossible. As being the oldest child, I wanted to be there for my parents and siblings, hence I decided to choose a career path in which I would be able to make them happy and proud of me. When I started undergrad, I decided to keep focus hence I chose a heavy curriculum in which it allowed me to have a strong foundation for medical school. I also worked on campus in business and finance department, as well as residence life. After my classes, I worked in a cardiologist clinic in order to gain experience in the medical field. Hence, throughout all four years of undergrad I kept a steady schedule in order to keep my schedule in place. It was a tough experience because I commuted an hour to my university every day and my classes started at eight, so I had to leave the house at 6am so that I can pass through traffic and get to school on time. After all day of school work, I went to work and finished up there around 9pm, and then went home studied all night and woke up again to continue the same routine the next day. Also, living in Chicago meant that dealing with snow which meant waking up extra early to drive through the snow. However, I never lost hope or gave up because of my family.
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3. Describe a situation in which you had to work with a difficult person (another student, co-worker, customer, supervisor, etc.). How did you handle the situation? Is there anything you would have done differently in hindsight? When I started working in the Cardiologist clinic, my supervisor was an extremely cranky individual at first because she had been through many unfortunate events in her life, therefore I just endured her roughness because I felt bad about what she had been through. I didn’t stand up for myself and just went with the flow because I was scared to stand up for my self. However, now that I think about it, I would have stand up for my self because I was not the reason to cause her mishaps in life, therefore I didn’t deserve such behavior. I would have still been nice to her of course, however I would not have let her boss me around, as I deserved respect just like anyone employee in any company. 4. What two or three accomplishments have given you the most satisfaction? Why? Achieving Bachelors in Biology, completing two years of medical school in the Caribbean, and continuing my further studies being a wife and a mother. I believe obtaining a bachelor’s degree is a great achievement because it shows the dedication one has put forth. Also, I choose to attend a university close to home because I couldn’t be away from my family, however for medical school I had to take such a big step because I had to complete my dream, and completing the two years away from my family in a foreign area was a huge accomplishment for me. Last but not least, I completed my last year of medical school while being married and a mother of a baby. Being a mom and a student; each require full time attention, however doing both alongside is like working two jobs full time. I am thankful to God for helping me complete both tasks successfully. 5. Who is one person who inspires you to achieve your goals and why? My father is one person who inspires me greatly because he left his homeland and came to the States to give his kids the best chance and opportunity to succeed. He had no one to guide or help him when he came here, as a result he had to use the trial and error approach to figure things out. Also, he worked two jobs just so he can give us the best education. He wanted the kids to receive proper education, as well as religious values. In order to complete his dream, he put us in a private Islamic school near our home. He had no idea how he would cover the cost of the tuition, but he just took the big step with faith. Luckily, the school gave us four siblings scholarship which helped my father with the tuition. My father’s hard work did not go to waste because today, my brother and sister are in medical school, and my youngest brother is graduating from a top fifty university. I am myself, a medical student and hoping to finish to finally complete my dream.
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Running head: INTERVIEW ANALYSIS 1 Interview Analysis
Institution INTERVIEW ANALYSIS 2 Interview Analysis
In this paper, I interviewed one of my friends whom I do not know well, and asked her...

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