Product Management has content authority for the Program Backlog including:

The Vision, the Roadmap, driving the PI Objectives, and what else?
·      Managing risk, helping to ensure value delivery, and driving continuous improvement
·      Working with business stakeholders and Solution and System Architects to implement holistic technology across Value Streams
·      Accepting Stories and team increments
·      Establishing Features and benefit hypotheses

What is included in the Inspect and Adapt agenda?
·      PI Objectives
·      ROAMing risks
·      Quantitative and qualitative measurement
·      Management review

What is one way Kanbans are used in SAFe?
·      To manage runway cadence
·      To manage nonfunctional requirements (NFRs) in the backlog
·      To manage queue length
·      To manage Program Increment (PI) Objectives

How do Product Owners contribute to the Vision?
·      By continuously exploring emerging markets
·      By establishing Strategic Themes
·      By contributing to the portfolio canvas
·      By communicating emerging requirements and opportunities

What is the importance of the definition of done?
·      It provides a way for Scrum Masters to enforce quality
·      It creates standardized work between all Agile Teams
·      It prioritizes the work of testers on the team
·      It creates a clear understanding of when items are complete

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