1.    Which statement describes the Scaled Agile Framework? It...

1.    Which statement describes the Scaled Agile Framework?

It synchronizes alignment, collaboration, and delivery for large numbers of teams

It provides strict guidelines for all daily activities

It scales Scrum to multiple Agile Teams

It provides guidelines for Project Managers


2.    The customer is asking for a forecast for when a specific Feature will be available for release at the beginning of the next fiscal year. Where could the Product Manager find this information?

Development Manager

Program Backlog

System Architecture Designs



3.    Kanbans are the primary mechanism to achieve SAFe Principle #6, which includes visualizing and limiting Work-in-Process, reducing batch sizes, and what else?

Managing runway cadence

Managing queue length

Managing non-functional requirements in the backlog

Managing PI Objectives

4.    Epic Owners collaborate with which two other roles in a typical Portfolio Kanban system? (Choose two.)

Release Train Engineer

Business Owners

System and Solution Architect/Engineering

Scrum Masters

Product Owners


5.    Predictable incremental delivery occurs based on which two practices? (Choose two.)


Solution Context

Architecture Governance

Solution Intent



6.    Iteration Goals serve what purpose?

To define the what, the how, and the how much

To identify non-functional requirements

To set preliminary PI Objectives

To align team members to a common purpose

7.    What are three outputs of Synthesis? (Choose three.)

Program Roadmap

Strategic Themes

Portfolio Kanban

Program Backlog

Iteration Goals


8.    What is one non-Lean behavior that organizations demonstrate when prioritizing?

Reducing the duration will decrease the Cost of Delay

Accepting that a high return on investment (ROI) is always more important than a Feature with a low ROI

Cost of Delay is directly related to the size of the queue

Cost of Delay is the same as WIP

9.    The team is struggling to agree on the story point sizing of a new user story. The Product Owner was previously a related domain expert and feels the team is wasting time. What should she do?

Make the team aware of her expertise and decide the size for them

Suggest the team stop the sizing of the user story and add it to the next Iteration as is

Instruct the Scrum Master to resize the story

Continue to support the team's decision on sizing

10. Which two types of items are maintained in the Team Backlog? (Choose two.)

Epic Enablers

PI Objectives

User Stories

Enabler Stories

Business Epics

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