20. What are two ways program risks can be categorized? (Choose...

20. What are two ways program risks can be categorized? (Choose two.)

a)   Resolved

b)   Owned

c)   Identified

d)   Deferred

e)   Explained



21. During the Storming stage of Agile Release Train development and evolution, in which area should a Release Train Engineer mentor Scrum Masters?

a)   Establishing program events

b)   Creating effective flow of knowledge across teams on the train

c)   Engineering practice improvements

d)   Conflict resolution techniques


22. What are two ways to ensure facility readiness when preparing for the Program Increment (PI) Planning event? (Choose two.)

a)   Secure communication channels for remote participants

b)   Print program boards

c)   Print PI Objectives

d)   Engage audio-visual technical support

e)   Share business value documents


23. What are three ways to foster accountability on an Agile Release Train (ART)? (Choose three.)

a)   Stakeholders' presence in the System Demo

b)   Two people occupying a single role for several key roles on the ART

c)   Peer pressure

d)   Report fact-based Metrics

e)   Managers conducting the problem-solving workshop

f)    Rely on synchronization for dependency management


24. What action should be taken by the Agile Release Train (ART) when the Release Train Engineer (RTE) cannot facilitate the Program Increment (PI) Planning session due to unexpected circumstances?

a)   Leverage the person who worked closest with the RTE during the preparation sessions as a replacement facilitator

b)   Run the PI Planning session without a facilitator and rely on every person and role to perform his/her responsibilities

c)   Conduct the PI Planning session using the ART portfolio manager as the facilitator

d)   Postpone PI Planning to the next Iteration






25. In order to evolve the role of a leader in SAFe, which practices can the Release Train Engineer (RTE) recommend?

a)   Develop detailed project plans

b)   Encourage personal development

c)   Provide the RTE with weekly status reports

d)   Manage up and across the Enterprise


26. Which core competency describes the mindsets, culture, and practices that make flow possible?

a)   Team and Technical Agility

b)   Enterprise Solution Delivery

c)   SAFe for Lean Enterprises

d)   Agile Product Delivery


27. When is the best time to conduct the pre- Program Increment (PI) Planning event during the Innovation and Planning (IP) Iteration?

a)   After the Inspect and Adapt event

b)   On the morning of the first day of PI Planning

c)   As early as possible

d)   When planning for a major release


28. When organizing an Agile Release Train to optimize the flow of work and increase the delivery of value, which three DevOps practices are encouraged? (Choose three.)

a)   Execute release packaging activities

b)   Automate the Continuous Delivery Pipeline

c)   Visualize work in process and reduce batch sizes

d)   Plan and rehearse failure response practices

e)   Perform System Demos

f)    Streamline development environments


29. When is the Inspect and Adapt event held?

a)   During the Program Increment (PI)

b)   At the end of the Program Increment (PI)

c)   At the end of every Iteration

d)   After the System Demo

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