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Due to recent extreme weather events, LAX Vehicle Manufacturing has reiterated its commitment to the development of environmentally-friendly vehicles. As a result of this strategy, you have been promoted from your previous role as a "Design Engineer" into a new position, i.e. "Project Manager". You have been appointed as the Project Manager for the new Project which has been named as "Project DT". For this project, you and your project team are to develop a new car to meet the growing need for fuel efficient cars across the globe.

Due to the importance of this project to long-term survival of LAX Vehicle Manufacturing, management wants to put everything in place to ensure that this project is successful. As a Project Manager, you are required to do the following: (i) identify the five critical success factors (CSFs) for "Project DT", and (ii) justify the inclusion of the CSFs in your list [Use knowledge relevant sources from literature (e.g. journal papers, conference papers, etc.) to support your assertions]

Some of the stakeholders are concerned that the project will take too long to complete due to an over specified solution. Project stakeholders are concerned that the budget for the project seems too high - it appears that there are lots of budgetary provisions for in the following items: (i) monitoring and controlling of project, and (ii) quality management. For instance, there is a budgetary provision for the appointment of external consultant. The consultant would be responsible for conducting addition tests to ensure that the final product meets the requirements for the UK and EU market. As the project manager, you are required to do short report that highlights the benefits of quality assurance and what overheads are associated with strong quality assurance processes.

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As a result of this strategy, you have been promoted from your previous role as a 'Design Engineer' into a new position, i. 'Project Manager'. You...
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