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RTE exam SAFe 5. some doubt about questions final exam. 06-What are...

RTE exam SAFe 5. some doubt about questions final exam.

06-What are two benefits of having a team definition of done? (Choose two.)

  1. To measure the team's capacity to load ratio
  2. To maintain predictability
  3. To reduce technical debt
  4. To optimize quality
  5. To collect team performance Metrics

10-An Agile Release Train (ART) is frequently discovering compatibility issues between the developed Solution and the Enterprise information architecture.

What can the Release Train Engineer do to prevent this from occurring?

  1. Conduct entire data architecture design upfront
  2. Add data Architects onto ART
  3. Develop more detailed Feature definitions
  4. Confirm attendance of architectural representatives at Program Increment (PI) Planning

17-How does the Release Train Engineer help develop the Agile Release Train (ART) over time?

  1. Analyze velocity trend
  2. Propose an ART improvement Roadmap
  3. Facilitate post-PI Planning
  4. Conduct a retrospective

25-A Scrum Master reports that the team feels like it is doing fine and would rather focus on work than waste time coming up with and implementing improvement ideas. The team has recently had trouble meeting their Iteration commitments, so the Scrum Master knows the team can do better. The Scrum Master asks the Release Train Engineer (RTE) for help. What might the RTE suggest as a first step?

  1. Arrange for an external coach for team to help them to improve
  2. Observe the team's daily stand-ups and have a meet-after about the importance of relentless improvement
  3. Review team Metrics with Scrum Master and look for specific improvement areas that can be shared with the team <- Cela pourrait aussi être ça
  4. Dedicate additional meeting time to brainstorm improvement items

26-What is a Release Train Engineer anti-pattern behavior during the scrum of scrums or PO sync meetings?

  1. Ignoring emotion focusing on content <- Celle-là peut être aussi bonne, mais pas certain.
  2. Expressing positive feelings and praise
  3. Resolving impediments
  4. Ensuring compliance items are addressed

34-Which statement is true about the definition of done (DoD)?

  1. The DOD should evolve as system capabilities evolve
  2. The teams share one common DOD
  3. At the higher levels there is only one DOD for everything that passes through Agile Release Train to a Solution increment or a release
  4. DOD is not used by teams because it is used as a method to manage technical debt across the ART

35-During the Agile Release Train (ART) kickoff session, Operations raises a concern that they are already spread very thin and have no time to collaborate with all the teams on the ART, What should the Release Train Engineer recommend to discover bottlenecks and provide governance for Operations' engagement?

  1. Visualize the deployment pipeline requests through a Kanban system 
  2. Have Operations staff sit within the team areas
  3. Abstract platform/infrastructure requests from build/deploy requests
  4. Ensure all Devops practitioners attend Leading SAFe training

36-Which two key skills does a Release Train Engineer bring to economic prioritization? (Choose two,) 

  1. Determine job size by surveying Scrum Masters of impacted teams
  2. Coordinate Lean Portfolio Management by providing feedback for cost of delay factors
  3. Facilitate stakeholder collaboration
  4. Understand and facilitate weighted shorted job first 
  5. Do research and data collection for cost of delay factors

60-Which two behaviors are an important part of the Release Train Engineer role? (Choose two.) 

  1. Drive teams to specific outcomes
  2. Provide answers about Features
  3. Coach leaders to increase alignment
  4. Encourage teams to self-organize 
  5. Manage dependencies for team

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