SAFe 5 Release Train Engineer Exam (5.0) - Question 9-What are two main reasons why the program predictability measure is important?
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SAFe 5 Release Train Engineer Exam (5.0) - Question

9-What are two main reasons why the program predictability measure is important? (Choose two.) 

  1. It identifies under-performing teams
  2. It focuses the Agile Release Train on value delivery
  3. It indicates whether the Solution is ready to be released
  4. It demonstrates the need to fix the scope at the beginning of the Program Increment (PI)
  5.  It identifies variations to discuss in the Inspect and Adapt workshop

25-A Scrum Master reports that the team feels like it is doing fine and would rather focus on work than waste time coming up with and implementing improvement ideas. The team has recently had trouble meeting their Iteration commitments, so the Scrum Master knows the team can do better. The Scrum Master asks the Release Train Engineer (RTE) for help. What might the RTE suggest as a first step?

  1.  Arrange for an external coach for team to help them to improve
  2.  Observe the team's daily stand-ups and have a meet-after about the importance of relentless improvement
  3.  Review team Metrics with Scrum Master and look for specific improvement areas that can be shared with the team 
  4.  Dedicate additional meeting time to brainstorm improvement items

28-Why should the Release Train Engineer encourage lifelong learning?

  1.  To motivate team members to form as a team
  2.  To evolve the system
  3.  To decentralize decision making
  4.  To increase team velocity

30-Which activity takes place during Team Breakout on the second day of Program Increment (PI) Planning?

  1.  The Release Train Engineer (RTE) modifies the PI Iteration schedule, if needed, based on the scope of high priority Features
  2.  The Release Train Engineer (RTE) combines all Team PI Objectives into Program PI Objectives
  3.  Business Owners assign business value without team discussion so they can normalize business value across all teams on Agile Release Train
  4.  Al Feature delivery and dependencies are visualized on the program board


38-In a scrum of scrums meeting, several Scrum Masters raise a common issue that their teams are finding difficult to resolve. The Release Train Engineer (RTE) has seen this problem many times and could suggest several proven solutions. Rather than offering up answers, she asks the Scrum Master team a series of questions. Why ?

  1.  Because she wants them to brainstorm through the issues before she provides the answer
  2.  Because she wants the Scrum Masters to clarify the problem and come to solutions that best fit their contexts 
  3.  Because her suggested answers would likely be invalid
  4.  Because identifying and solving team problems is not the RTE's responsibility


 45-What action does a Release Train Engineer take prior to an upcoming Program Increment (PI) Planning meeting?

  1.  Facilitate Product Management and other stakeholders in prioritization of the Program Backlog
  2.  Ensure that at least 30% of the Program Backlog is allocated to Enabler Features
  3.  Provide approval and sign-off for draft Team Backlogs
  4.  Allocate time in the scrum of scrums meeting for Product Management to socialize with the teams the Features for the upcoming PI


48-When gathering the information needed for the program predictability measure, the Release Train Engineer (RTE) meets resistance from teams that the business value does not reflect the real effort and progress made during the Program Increment (PI).

What are two considerations the RTE should make when coaching the team to give them a better feeling on what they have actually created? (Choose two.)

  1.  Coach the Business Owner's review of objectives to see scoring is against the specific details negotiated with the team during PI Planning
  2.  Illustrate the linkage between business values and the market communications/release objectives tied to the three to six month Enterprise strategy
  3.  Publish the team business values coach teams that these values are for tracking each Agile Release Train deliverable
  4.  Work with the team to ensure they are actively involved when the Business Owners score the business value achieved
  5.  Educate teams that business provides Enterprise with a Metric of how fast the team executed during PI

58-Which two activities take place during Team Breakout on the first day of Program Increment (PI) Planning? (Choose two.)

  1.  Draft objectives and uncommitted objectives are written 
  2.  Teams use color-coding for their backlog items as a reminder that they are required to have all backlog item types on their planning boards
  3.  Risks teams' planning boards are resolved by the Release Train Engineer
  4.  Draft objectives are written but do not include exploration Enablers
  5.  Al teams' planning boards are visible and use the same color-coding 

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