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A baby was recently born who had very ambiguous genitals. The doctor did a genetic test to find out the sex chromosomes of the baby.

A baby was recently born who had very ambiguous genitals. The doctor did a genetic test to find out the sex chromosomes of the baby. It turned out that the child had XX sex chromosomes but must have been exposed to unusually high levels of androgens while in the womb. The doctor explained to the new parents that their baby has an intersexed condition called

A. congenital adrenal hyperplasia.

B. Kleinfelter syndrome.

C. Turner syndrome.

D. androgen insensitivity syndrome.


According to research, the sexual orientation of gay men may be associated with the size of the

A. thalamus.

B. testes.

C. hypothalamus.

D. penis.


According to sexual strategies theory, why would a woman be choosier than a man in selecting a partner?

A. A woman can only produce a limited number of offspring, so she should select a male partner who is a better provider.

B. A woman has a larger occipital lobe, so she should emphasize choosing a male partner who is more physically attractive to look. 

C. A woman must wait until a male partner has reached an older age and is mature enough to settle down to have children.

D. A woman prefers a male partner with more feminine traits so that he will be a better partner in raising children.


Alana recently became pregnant. The sex chromosomes have determined that the zygote in her womb is biologically male. These sex chromosomes also determine what sex glands the baby will eventually develop, which in this case will be

A. menarche.

B. testes.

C. spermarche.

D. ovaries.


Alicia is a woman in a sexual relationship with another woman. Alicia is also attracted to men, and anticipates that she will have sex with a man again at some point. Based on this, Alicia's sexual orientation is best described as

A. bisexual.

B. asexual.

C. heterosexual.

D. lesbian.


Alisa is studying the way in which men and women select partners to marry. She notes that across 37 cultures, one study found that women prefer men who have all the following qualities EXCEPT being

A. attractive.

B. career oriented.

C. good earners.

D. fond of children.


As he is male, Paulo has higher levels of the hormone testosterone in his body than his sister Liette. Given Paulo’s higher testosterone levels, we might reasonably expect him to experience _________ than his sister.

A. greater self-regulation

B. greater physical aggression

C. a lower sex drive

D. less intense emotional responses


Bettina describes herself as a lesbian and is in a long-term relationship with another woman, whom she recently married. The best biological explanation for Bettina’s sexual orientation is that there

A. was a greater exposure to androgens while she was in the womb.

B. was an insufficient level of estrogen released during puberty.

C. is an extra Y sex chromosome in her DNA.

D. is inadequate functioning of her ovaries.


Brenda is compelled to watch people get undressed and engage in sexual activities even though they have not consented to this. She has been arrested several times for "peeking" at people through their windows. Brenda knows her behavior is wrong and is very distressed by her action. In accordance with the American Psychiatric Association, Brenda’s therapist will most likely diagnose her with

A. voyeurism.

B. frotteurism.

C. voyeurism paraphilic disorder.

D. sexual arousal disorder.


Charles has always felt as if a mistake had been made when he was born. He is biologically male but "feels" female. He prefers female clothing, fantasizes about being a woman, and hates the fact that in adolescence he developed more male physical traits like facial hair and a deeper voice. He regularly tells people to call him Charlene. Charles's identity is best described as

A. gender dysphoric.

B. transsexual.

C. intersexual.

D. transgender.


Claudette and her lover have just begun kissing. Claudette is now thinking about the fact that they will be having sex, and she is touching her lover in a sensual manner. Claudette is currently in the __________ phase of the sexual response cycle.

A. orgasm

B. resolution

C. plateau

D. excitement


Cordell is very masculine at times, and yet at other times he acts in a more feminine manner. He is okay with both sides of his identity, and does not feel a need to act a certain way just to make other people happy. Because Cordell feels that his identity is both male and female his identity is best characterized as

A. intersex.

B. transsexual.

C. transgender.

D. androgynous.


Eunice is talking with her two best friends about several people in their chemistry class. "Let's play a game. I'll name several traits, and you tell me which person I am talking about, okay?" Her friends agree, and Eunice says: "emotional, helpful, and understanding." Which of the following are her friends most likely to select?

A. Lin, a female

B. Manuel, a male

C. Wesley, a male

D. Joss, a male


Jennifer regularly instructs her students to avoid believing age-old theories about the differences between men and women. "As it turns out," she says, "men and women are far more alike than we are different." Jennifer is explaining the _________ hypothesis.

A. gender-role socialization

B. biological sex matching

C. transgender equality

D. gender similarities


Johnnie was born with genitals and gonads that looked like those of a biological male, so his physician did not realize that Johnnie had XXY sex chromosomes. When Johnnie reaches puberty, he will likely develop secondary sex characteristics that look more like those of a female than a male. At this point, Johnnie is most likely to be diagnosed with

A. Turner syndrome.

B. Kleinfelter syndrome.

C. congenital adrenal hyperplasia.

D. androgen insensitivity syndrome.


Justin and Jeanette have been in a relationship for 4 years, but have never had sex. Neither of them is particularly interested in sex, though they enjoy the emotional satisfaction of being together. The issue of sex came up once, and they both agreed that not having sex was not a problem for them. They have never discussed the issue again. Based on this, Justin and Jeanette's sexual orientation is best described as

A. gender fluid.

B. asexual.

C. transgender.

D. queer.


Maurice is reading about a 2010 survey of people who identify as having a bisexual orientation. Among the participants, the highest percentage of them reported that they were

A. primarily attracted to people of the opposite sex.

B. primarily attracted to people of their own sex.

C. equally attracted to people of either sex.

D. generally disinterested in most forms of sexual activity.


Mauricio has an unusual sexual interest. He becomes aroused when his partner slaps him in the face during sexual activities. The slaps hurt and sometimes leave bruises, but he finds it incredibly erotic to endure this pain. In fact, he cannot have a fulfilling sexual experience without this pain. Mauricio may be experiencing

A. sexual masochism.

B. voyeurism.

C. frotteurism.

D. sexual sadism.


Norah’s baby is born with XY chromosomes and has a penis and testes. The doctor declares, "It’s a boy!" The doctor is describing the baby’s

A. sexual orientation.

B. sexual role.

C. biological sex.

D. gender.


Ralph and Krista have just had their first children, a pair of fraternal twins. Katie is the older twin, and she has the sex chromosomes of __________. Urie, is the younger twin and he has the sex chromosomes of __________.






Seth regards himself as very fluid in his sexual orientation. Sometimes he's attracted to men, and sometimes he's attracted to women. He finds that he is more attracted to the person than to people of a specific sex. The most appropriate term to describe Seth's sexual orientation is

A. heterosexual.

B. homosexual.

C. queer.

D. gender dysphoric.


The phase of the sexual response cycle that is typically experienced by men but not women is the

A. excitement phase.

B. orgasm phase.

C. resolution phase.

D. refractory period.


Wally is in a psychology class when the instructor hands out a piece of paper. It has a list of several different personality characteristics and Wally is asked to rate which of them are more "female" and more "male." Which of the following is he most likely to select as a female trait?

A. independent

B. decisive

C. helpful

D. self-confident


What was a primary finding of the research that Alfred Kinsey conducted on human sexual behaviors in the 1950s?

A. Less than 10 percent of those surveyed had engaged in premarital sex.

B. Homosexual behavior was extremely rare among both men and women.

C. Masturbation was common among men but almost unheard of among women.

D. Men’s and Women's sexual behaviors and attitudes were similar in many ways.


Which category of hormones is released in greater amounts by females as they enter puberty?

A. estrogens

B. androgens

C. progesterones

D. testosterones


Which of the following is NOT one of the primary ways in which gender role socialization occurs?

A. We watch what other people do.

B. We imitate other people's actions.

C. We receive positive or negative consequences for our actions.

D. We are classically conditioned to behave in a specific way.


While many people find discussing sexual disorders to be uncomfortable, they are quite common. In fact, the rates of people who have had sexual difficulties at some point in their lives are about 43 percent of __________ and 31 percent of _________.

A. men; women

B. young adults; older adults

C. women; men

D. older adults; young adults


Yasmeen has an unusual sexual interest. She cannot become aroused unless she smells black pepper in the room where she wants to have sex. Even when she masturbates, if she does not smell black pepper she cannot become aroused. Based on this, Yasmeen is most likely experiencing

A. a sexual arousal disorder.

B. a paraphilia.

C. voyeurism.

D. frotteurism.

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