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Identify 3-4 key principles that govern human and animal behavior....

  • Identify 3-4 key principles that govern human and animal behavior.
  • Apply these principles to your own life. (e.g. How can you see them in daily life?)
  • How do they enhance interactions between individuals and among societal groups?

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The quest to fulfill our needs drives most of our behaviors. An emotion is a subjective feeling that is accompanied by physical and behavioral changes. Some emotions can feel better than others and some are more intense than others. Some examples of emotions include sadness, passion, love, disgust, pride, and anger. Did you know the complexity of our emotions is what separates humans from animals? There are four major theories of emotions: James Lange theory Cannon-Bard theory Facial-feedback theory Schachter's two factor theory Motivation is a set of factors that activate, direct, and maintain behavior, usually toward a goal. There are three categories of motivational theories: biological, psychosocial, and biopsychosocial. Motivational Theories Biological Instinct theories: Behavior is motivated by genetic survival. Drive reduction theory: Motivated behavior occurs as a mean to reduce physiological imbalances and return to homeostasis (a balanced state). Arousal theory: Organisms seek an optimal level of performance that maximizes their performance. Psychosocial Incentive theory: Our goals motivate us. Biopsychosocial
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