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Rhetoric Language is often used to persuadenot just through the logical force of sound arguments, but sometimes through rhetorical force and...


Language is often used to persuade—not just through the logical force of sound arguments, but sometimes through rhetorical force and manipulation of the emotions of the listener or reader. Critical thinking involves the ability to distinguish between these two types of persuasion and to recognize different rhetorical strategies. 5. The document contains:

  • 2 instances of euphemism.
  • 1 instance of dysphemism.
  • 2 weaslers.
  • 1 downplayer.
  • 1 stereotype.
  • 3 cases of innuendo.
  • 1 loaded question.
  • 1 case of ridicule.
  • 1 case of hyperbole.
  • 1 case of rhetorical definition.
  • 1 case of rhetorical explanation.
  • 3 cases of proof surrogate.
  • 1 case of repetition.
  • 2 cases of rhetorical analogy.
  • 1 case of misleading comparison.

Use the line numbers to identify the answers. For each attempt to persuade through rhetoric, cite the type of rhetorical strategy involved and provide an explanation for your choice.

  1. To: The Homeowners Association Membership, Glenway Condominiums
  3. From: S.L. Winslow, Unit 23
  5. With this letter I announce my intention to run for president of the Glenway
  6. Condominiums Homeowners Association in next month's election.
  8. I have been a resident at Glenway for over seven years now, and as everyone knows, it's
  9. long-term residents who truly know the development well and have in mind only the
  10. best interests of all stakeholders in the HOA.
  12. A homeowners association is responsible for maintaining public common areas of the
  13. development, maintaining the quality of life, and protecting property values. But it's
  14. more than that, since an HOA is also a collection of like-minded individuals who share a
  15. set of concerns about the health of the planet as well. If Earth is our true home, then any
  16. HOA should be doing more to protect it. And since the Earth is our true home, our HOA
  17. should do more to protect this home called planet Earth. Recall that I started the
  18. recycling program here at Glenway five years ago. I believe the current generation has a
  19. right to use natural resources. But, like Teddy Roosevelt, I "do not recognize the
  20. right to waste them, or to rob, by wasteful use, the generations that come after us." And
  21. so I say it again: the Earth is our home and it is the job of the HOA President to be
  22. mindful of that.
  24. Since it is obvious to all residents at Glenway that conservationism is one of my assets, I
  25. will mention only one other example of my commitment to it in support of my
  26. candidacy. Two years ago we had a crisis with the sprinkler system. The Smith family's fire
  27. prevention water sprinkler system malfunctioned while they were away, and I
  28. personally broke the lock on their front door and entered their home to stop this
  29. terrible waste of our water resources. While some members of the HOA have said that
  30. my subsequent efforts, breaking into five other homes to inspect their fire prevention
  31. sprinkler systems, was in violation of the HOA and even the law, the fact remains that
  32. my commitment to water conservation is well above any other member of this HOA.
  34. Let me now turn to my opponent. Ishmael Parfit, our current HOA president, is an
  35. failure in his role. In fact, he's the worst HOA president ever. First, a good president
  36. should be a leader. Let's compare Parfit's term to that of Beth Granz, his immediate
  37. predecessor, who was also president for four years. During her term, none of the
  38. service contractors for our development had to be replaced. During Parfit's four years
  39. we've had to replace two service contractors. We lost Green Acres Gardening last year
  40. when the owner retired and they went out of business. I don't think anyone is happy
  41. with Parfit's nefarious scheme to hire this new landscaping company, This Land is Your
  42. Land Lawn and Garden Company, to replace them. Given the people Parfit associates
  43. with, such a move will only leave us wondering if our homes are safe while we are away
  44. at work all day. He claims he'll hire an honest crew, but it is entirely possible that his
  45. choice will only benefit the kind of people who are more interested in stealing our yard
  46. ornaments and other property than in keeping the landscaping neat.
  48. Parfit likes to think of himself as a successful business entrepreneur. I noticed that at
  49. least one of his businesses is still open. You may not have noticed, but this
  50. "entrepreneur" is still driving around in a Honda Accord. Even if he is as successful as he
  51. claims, an entrepreneur is not the sort of person who can advocate for the public good,
  52. since all entrepreneurs are interested only in making money for themselves. 
  54. Parfit has been pushy and has amassed an ignorant mob among some of our residents
  55. about this plan to replace the condo roofs. Is his goal to drain every HOA member's bank
  56. account? We have now a bullying majority of members of HOA claiming that a few
  57. water spots on their ceilings, some perfectly natural mildew accumulation, or some
  58. gentle water running down a few interior walls when it rains is cause for a radical, high-cost,
  59. highly inconvenient intervention: replacing the entire roofing system of the condo!
  60. The HOA has an alternative solution in me. Those who call me "cheap" are small-minded
  61. fools. I am an innovator, a creative man of industry with a can-do attitude much like
  62. Henry Ford. My solution, or "using plastics bags to patch the leaks," will be a boon to the
  63. pocketbooks of our community, saving thousands of hard-earned dollars. 
  65. We had a chance to vote Parfit out last fall, but this failed. We fell short by six votes. And
  66. why is that? It's because these six people aren't rational enough to concern themselves
  67. with keeping the property values of their homes.
  69. It couldn't be more clear and evident that with Parfit at the HOA's helm over the next
  70. three years, our property values will continue to decline. But with me as president you
  71. might actually see your property values go up.

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