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1.      According to the ideas discussed in class, which of the following

individuals is most likely to be experiencing a high degree of subjective well-being?
A) A Buddhist monk. B) A millionaire who owns her own island. C) A 40-year-old homemaker. D) A 25-year-old college student
2.      Which of the following factors contributed to the obedience of subjects in Milgram's experiments?
A) The intelligence of the subject. B) The presence of an authority figure. C) The gender of the "victim". D) The level of shock available
3.      Which of the following statements about marriage is TRUE?
A) Parenthood tends to increase marital satisfaction.
B) Spouses who come from similar backgrounds tend to have better marriages.
C) The majority of marriages can be described as "vital."
D) Adequate income is an important determinant of marital satisfaction.
4.      Kayla is at the top of her profession and views the world with humor and compassion. She has good relationships in her life and works towards achieving her personal and career goals. Which level of Maslow's hierarch is she most likely at?
A) Esteem. B) Self-actualization. C) Attachment. D) Safety
5.      Which of the following is the most frequent cause of stress?
A) natural disasters. B) car accidents. C) Relationships. D) change
6.      You live in a neighborhood that is predominantly LDS. Which of the following groups MIGHT be most likely to experience prejudice and discrimination if they moved into your neighborhood?
A) A Catholic family
B) A group of real estate developers aggressively buying homes and other property in the area.
C) A large community of Hmong individuals who were just hired to work in a local manufacturing plant.
D) An LDS family who attend church and accept callings but are rather casual in their approach to attendance and their callings.
7.      Trent has recently become interested in efforts being made to improve mental health in his school and community. He often speaks to his peers about how it might be if no one had to suffer mental health problems. Which of the following descriptors best fits Trent?
A) He is personifying the "ethical principle orientation" in moral reasoning.
B) He has successfully resolved the Ego Integrity vs. Despair developmental crisis.
C) He is displaying the consequences of the anxious-avoidant attachment he had with his mother when he was a child.
D) He is in the formal operational stage of cognitive development.
8.      Which of the following would be considered a "display rule"?
A) Don't hug in public. B) Eat your vegetables. C) Work hard to be happy. D) Suffering is a part of life.
9.      Which of the following would be considered some good advice for a future doctor?
A) Most grief is just anticipatory. B) Friendly doctors often result in healthier patients. C) Hospitalization has very few negative side effects. D) Subjective well-being is impossible to achieve while ill.
10.  According to bystander studies, which of the following groups is least likely to have problems with the bystander effect?
A) A group of twenty people. B) A group of six people. C) A group of three people. D) A group of two people

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1.According to the ideas discussed in class, which of the following individuals is most likely to be experiencing a high degree of subjective
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