Identify the perspective/specialty area of the psychologist, given the explanation provided for the behavior. Completion of this worksheet is worth 5...
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Identify the perspective/specialty area of the psychologist, given the explanation provided for the behavior.

Completion of this worksheet is worth 5 points.

1.   Joe was exhibiting problematic behavior at school. The other students enjoyed Joe's antics and thought he was funny. However, the teacher found his behavior disruptive and often sent him to the principal, who was unable to affect his behavior despite many disciplinary attempts. 

Explanation: Joe's behavior has been shaped by the environment—the reactions of the other children, the teacher, and the principal all served to reinforce the disruptive behavior and make it more likely to occur.

Perspective of psychologist:

2.   Sarah has schizophrenia and has been in a psychiatric hospital since her symptoms had become so severe that her family felt that they could no longer care for her. While in the hospital, she has been placed on medication which has reduced the severity of her symptoms.

Explanation: Sarah's schizophrenic symptoms are the result of a chemical imbalance within the nervous system. The medication has seemed to ameliorate this imbalance.

Perspective of psychologist:

3.   George is having trouble in his classes; he seems to be unable to take a good notes. He claims to understand what the professor is saying but feels that he can not write it down before the professor says something new. This creates a dilemma—should he listen or should he write?

Explanation: George's problem reflects the limitations in the size and duration of short term memory. The lecture contains more information that he can hold in his memory and the information is presented at a rate faster than he is able to process it.

Perspective of the psychologist:

4.   Jill always attends class and spends at least 6 hours each day studying. Before a test, she feels very confident in her ability to get an A. However, her confidence begins to wane and her anxiety level begins to increase when she arrives to class and talks to other students who discuss how hard they feel the test will be. The intensity of the anxiety strengthens as other students turn in the test before she is completed. This anxiety causes her to be unable to remember any of the information she studied and she does poorly on the test.

Explanation: Jill's anxiety is exacerbated by the anxiety level of the students with whom she speaks before the test and by the students who complete the test before her. She should ask the professor if she could take the test outside of the classroom setting in order to remove the anxiety-inducing impact of the other students.

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