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The difference between prejudice and discrimination is that prejudice refers to __________ and discrimination refers to __________.

Group of answer choices

behavior; evaluation

cognition; aggression

evaluation; behavior

aggression; cognition




After a thrilling ride on your motorcycle, you meet an attractive person at a rest stop and suddenly desire to pursue a possible relationship with that person by asking to exchange phone numbers. This illustrates that attraction may sometimes be the result of

Group of answer choices

physiological factors.


physical factors.

psychological factors.




The main result of Stanley Milgram's famous studies was that aggression is a powerful motivator for most people.

Group of answer choices





People tend to make __________ attributions for other people's actions even when they are clearly caused by the circumstances in which they occurred.

Group of answer choices







The following is a response made by a resident of New York City justifying why he plans to continue riding the subway even during the city's stay-at-home order as a result of the coronavirus pandemic:

"I see some people are still riding the subway, so how bad could it be? No one wants to be a chump. Human beings look to other human beings to know what to do. It's the primary way we know what to do."

This person's response illustrates the social influence concept of

Group of answer choices

hedonic motivation.

normative influence.

informational influence.

obedience to authority.




Melanie has become increasingly preoccupied with worry about all kinds of things, ranging from whether she left her oven on to terrorism to how it might look if she trips in the grocery store, the last of which eventually causes her to avoid all stores in general. She also has trouble sleeping and concentrating and is very irritable. What type of disorder best identifies Melanie's symptoms?

Group of answer choices

Obsessive-compulsive disorder

Panic disorder

Phobic disorder

Generalized anxiety disorder.




According to helplessness theory, how is someone who feels helpless likely to react after not passing his driving test the first time?

Group of answer choices

"I didn't study hard enough. Next time I'll study and pass without a problem."

"I'm so stupid and uncoordinated I can't even drive correctly! l'll probably never get my license, and I'll be a total loser for the rest of my life!"

"The test administrator didn't like me! Next time I'll go to a different testing center."

"It was rainy today and that made the road slippery, which caused me to skid at the stop sign. That's probably why I didn't pass."




__________ is characterized by the profound disruption of basic psychological processes; a distorted perception of reality; altered or blunted emotion; and disturbances in thought, motivation and behavior.

Group of answer choices


Generalized anxiety disorder

Antisocial personality disorder

Bipolar disorder




The graph below illustrates changes in the intensity of passionate love and companionate love over the lifespan. Line __________ represents companionate love, and line __________ represents passionate love.

Group of answer choices

A; B

B; A




If you really want to borrow your friend's shoes but you think she may refuse, the door-in-the-face technique suggests that you are more likely to get what you want if you do which of the following?

Group of answer choices

Ask for something else that she really doesn't care about first.

Avoid asking her for anything until she's in a good mood.

Just ask for the shoes first.

First ask to borrow something else that she will definitely refuse to give you and then ask to borrow the shoes.




The two main types of treatments for mental disorders are psychotherapy and 

Group of answer choices

behavior modification.

drug therapy.

medical/biological treatment.

cognitive behavioral therapy.




In a video you saw on psychological disorders, the young man who said "people are out to electrocute me because of the sins I've been in" and was  constantly twirling his hair during the interaction with his therapist was showing symptoms of which psychological disorder?

Group of answer choices

Antisocial personality disorder


Dissociative identify disorder

Obsessive-compulsive disorder




Some patients say they have improved as the result of therapy because they mistakenly believe that their symptoms before the therapy were worse than they actually were. What is the name given to this phenomenon?

Group of answer choices

The placebo effect

Memory reconstruction

Self-fulfilling prophecy

Natural improvement




What does cognitive therapy focus on?

Group of answer choices

Enhancing intelligence through multiple cognitive test batteries.

Changing an individual's distorted thought processes.

Changing behavior through punishment and reward.

Identifying unconscious desires and wishes developed during childhood..




Jen was concerned when her four-year-old son, Anthony, started saying, "I eated dinner." Jen should not worry because Anthony is

Group of answer choices

overgeneralizing from the grammatical language rules.

experiencing a momentary episode of dysphasia.

learning how to fast map.

simply confusing the deep structure with the simple structure of the sentence.




The __________ motive suggests that people are susceptible to social influence because they want to believe, think and act in ways other people think are right.

Group of answer choices








Which of the following statements would be consistent with the facial feedback hypothesis?

Group of answer choices

Expressing one emotion while feeling another can help you deceive a person in terms of them recognizing how you feel.

Mimicking a friend's facial expression in an interaction can help you feel what your friend is feeling.

One of the ways to determine if a facial expression is sincerely representing a person's emotional state is to look for symmetry in the person's face.

Emotional expressions have the same meaning for everyone.



__________ are defined as specific events or chronic pressures that place demands on a person or threaten a person's well-being.

Group of answer choices


Flight-or-fight stimuli






Lee was recently fired from his job. To deal with this stress, Lee moved to another state, stopped communicating with friends from his previous job, and obtained employment in a completely different field. Lee's behavior illustrates __________ coping.

Group of answer choices








Participants in a study see a long list of behaviors (good and bad acts) associated with Groups A and B. While the proportion of bad acts is 1/3 in both groups, the overall total number of acts shown (both good and bad) is greater for Group A than for Group B. When participants are later asked who committed the higher percentage of bad acts, over 50% of participants say Group B. Researchers offer this as evidence for 

Group of answer choices

the notion that stereotypes represent a self-fulfilling prophecy.

the concept of stereotype threat.

the impact of conformity.

why racial minorities are more likely to get associated with bad behaviors.




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