I have to answer these questions on these cases: Case 4 p 93: On a...

I have to answer these questions on these cases:

Case 4 p 93: On a Sunday morning in the Spring of 2010 in New York City, a homeless man attempted to save a woman from an attacker and was stabbed in the process. For over an hour he lay bleeding on the sidewalk in plain view of passersby. Several people stopped to look at him. One man shook him. Another took a photo of him with a cell phone. But no one helped him or called 911. The man died there.

Case 25 p 97: A large grocery chain orders its personnel department to screen out all grocery clerk applicants who have a prison record, a history of alcohol/drug abuse or mental illness, or a problem with obesity.

Case 9 p 110: Several years ago, a married couple, faced with the tragic fact that the husband had terminal cancer, made an important decision: His sperm would be frozen so that the wife could conceive their child after his death. Three months after his death, she was impregnated with his sperm and subsequently gave birth to a little girl. The Social Security Administration ruled that the child was not entitled to receive benefits as his heir.

In each case I need to confirm:

  • Parties involved
  • Moral issues
  • Liberty rights? Or Claim rights?
  • If claim rights, against whom is the claims addressed?
  • Is there duties of natural law that are relevant?

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