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  • Identify moral issues at stake

Case 23, p 121: Claude a college freshman, learns that his roommate and friends is pushing hard drugs on campus. Claude is not opposed to drug use. He smokes marijuana himself, though he has never used any hard drugs. Neither does he believe that drug pushing is wrong. But he does fear for his own safety, because if his friend is discovered and their room is searched, his own marijuana might be found. After removing his marijuana from his room, he slips an anonymous note under the dean’s door, informing on his roommate.

Case 9, p 130: Cibella Borges had been a police officer in New York for more than eighteen months when nude photographs of her appeared in a girlie magazine. (The photographs had been taken before she was appointed to the department.) She was subsequently dismissed from the department for “conduct prejudicial to the good order and effectiveness of the police department.”

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