1) The fulfillment of God's redemptive plan refers...

1) The fulfillment of God's redemptive plan refers to ______________________________.

A) salvation of the faithful who have earned God's forgiveness

B) universal salvation of all beings

C) salvation of those redeemed through the blood of Christ

D) destruction of all worldly systems

2) Good biblical interpretation follows which of the following sequences:

A) Context, Meaning, Significance

B) Significance, Context, Meaning

C) Meaning, Context, Significance

D) Context, Significance, Meaning

3) Which is NOT a key benefit of the application of scripture as outlined in 2 Tim 3:16, which says, "and is profitable for doctrine, for rebuke, for correction, for instruction in righteousness?"

A) training

B) correcting

C) evangelizing

D) teaching

4) The second coming of Christ will ________________________.

A) result in one last chance for every person to accept Christ

B) eliminate all material existence

C) result in all humans being purified and accepted into heaven

D) result in all things damaged by sin being made right

5) Postmodernism is characterized by the belief that truth is relative and there is more than one way to God, dependent upon one's cultural understanding of God. Does Postmodernism conflict with a biblical worldview?

A) Insofar as Postmodernism rejects the importance of cultural values, it rejects a biblical worldview.

B) Postmodernism conflicts with a biblical worldview because it is unclear as to the nature and personality of God and affirms cultural relativism over a position of absolute truth.

C) Postmodernism rejects secularism, so it is in perfect agreement with a biblical worldview.

D) In fact, a biblical worldview is not in conflict with Postmodernism because both affirm the importance of individual faith and subjectivity

6) Which term relates to the customs, arts, social institutions, values, beliefs, and worldview of a particular nation, people, or social group?

A) Religion

B) Geography

C) Culture

D) Government

7) What is the biblical perspective relative to forms of civil government?

A) The Bible is clear that any form of civil government depends upon circumstances as well as the majority's perspective; people can consent to craft any form suitable for their circumstances.

B) The Bible seems to indicate that civil government is simply an invention of man to meet his social needs, and therefore, any form is appropriate.

C) Since civil government is based in human wisdom alone, and of a purely secular nature, the Bible is actually silent on this matter.

D) The Scriptures seem to reveal that a constitutional form of civil government, or a limited form of civil government, is best; civil government is also under Law.

8) Anthropologists can participate in which of the following?

A) Anthropologists can only participate in mission work.

B) Anthropologists can participate in both secular research and mission work.

C) Anthropologists don't participate in either secular research or mission work.

D) Anthropologists can only participate in secular research.

9) Evaluate the following statement and determine which answer describes the validity of the statement: The Church, the Bride of Christ - this is a global structure. God uses the Church to reveal His divine glory, edify the people, and equip believers for good works. The Church, in its local manifestations, also allows believers to come together for fellowship and communion. The Church is one Body, who are the 'hands and feet' of Christ on Earth."

A) The statement is mostly true.

B) The statement is false.

C) The statement is true.

D) The statement is misguided.

10) Melanie is an LU student going to South Africa for a month on a study abroad trip. She has never been outside the continental US before. What library database would the best place to start in order to obtain a broad, cosmopolitan knowledge of South African politics, languages, culture and history before her trip?

A) Global Road Warrior: Country information including culture, history, language, travel, and education. Link to South Africa: 

B) Oxford African American Studies Center: Articles from reference works along with primary source documents, images, maps, charts and tables, and commentaries that focus on the lives and events which have shaped African American and African history and culture. Link to South Africa:

C) Global Issues: Gale in Context: News, global viewpoints, reference materials, country information, primary source documents, videos, statistics, and exclusive commentaries on important issues of the modern world. Link to South Africa: 

D) Columbia International Affairs Online (CIAO): Full-text policy briefs, scholarly journal articles, e-books, and videos covering international politics and related fields, including security studies, global finance, diplomatic practice, humanitarian law, global governance, development studies, and environmental studies. Link to South Africa:

11) Writing in passive voice is usually less effective than writing in active voice. Identify the sentence that is written using passive voice.

A) The teacher showed a video.

B) The boy hit the ball.

C) The driver was blocked by traffic.

D) The girl ran to the car.

12) In Beowulf, the author claims writes "Sometimes at pagan shrines they vowed offerings to idols, swore oaths that the killer of souls might come to their aid...That was their way, their heathenish hope...Oh, cursed is he who in time of trouble has to thrust his soul in the fire's embrace...But blessed is he who after death can approach the Lord and find friendship." Which of the following statements best summarizes this excerpt?

A) The excerpt compares the customs of the heathen to the hopes of those who seek after the one, true God.

B) The excerpt reveals the author's desire to present offerings to idols.

C) This excerpt asserts that the author wishes to honor the values of his contemporary kinsmen.

D) This excerpt unquestionably reveals that the author is himself a pagan.

13) How do secondary sources support the formation of a research question?

A) They show the progression of scholarly conversation within the discipline helping the reader to shape his/her research question.

B) They are the original thoughts of the historical subjects.

C) They help the reader identify plagiarisEM.

D) They are the sole authority on a topic.

14) The Liberty University History Department affirms that a biblical worldview should provide guidance in the analysis and interpretation of historical events, personalities, and issues. The following principles provide a biblical foundation for the study of history:  

  1. God is comprehensively sovereign over the nations.  
  2. Jesus Christ is central in human history.  
  3. God has established order, intelligence, and truth in the universe and history. 
  4. Commitment to objectivity and honesty is essential to historical investigation.  
  5. The Bible provides principles of ethics that guide our evaluation of people and nations.   
  6. Man is an image-bearer of God, yet fallen and sinful.   
  7. The historian must be dedicated to a reasoned and investigated reconstruction of primary sources.   
  8. The Bible teaches all men to recognize their human limitations.   
  9. History illustrates the brevity of life and the reality of eternity to come. 

After reading the nine principles above, answer the following: Luke 1:1-4 "Inasmuch as many have undertaken to compile an account of the things accomplished among us, just as they were handed down to us by those who from the beginning were eyewitnesses and servants of the word, it seemed fitting for me as well, having investigated everything carefully from the beginning, to write it out for you in consecutive order, most excellent Theophilus; so that you may know the exact truth about the things you have been taught." These verses best illustrate which biblical principal of the historical discipline?

A) The historian must be dedicated to a reasoned and investigated reconstruction of primary sources.

B) God is comprehensively sovereign over the nations.

C) Jesus Christ is central to human history.

D) The Bible teaches all men to recognize their human limitations.

15) A priori knowledge is classified as non-experiential, or those things that are known outside of experience. With that in mind, it is logical to conclude that which of the following statements is an example of a priori knowledge?

A) This peach is soft.

B) I ate breakfast this morning.

C) All parrots are birds.

D) All parrots are multi-colored.

16) James Rachels argues that there is no moral difference between killing a patient (active euthanasia) and allowing them to die (passive euthanasia) if one's only motive is mercy. Which of the following arguments does NOT show that active euthanasia differs from passive euthanasia in so many ways that makes active euthanasia clearly wrong?

A) Acts of commission (here, killing) always involve greater culpability than acts of omission (such as allowing to die).

B) In active euthanasia the intent is the death of the patient, even if undertaken from a motive of compassion. In passive euthanasia the intent is to avoid subjecting the patient to excessively burdensome, ineffectual treatment.

C) In active euthanasia the concern is with quality of life, the assumption being that when it goes beneath a certain level, life is no longer worth living. In passive euthanasia the concern is with quality of care, which at times entails providing only palliative care.

D) In performing active euthanasia, the doctor disregards the fundamental role of the doctor as defined by the Hippocratic tradition: preservation of life while providing the best care. Active euthanasia violates this principle in a way that passive euthanasia does not.

17) From a biblical worldview, the position that humanity is created by God in the "Imago Dei" (Image of God), demand that human beings embrace:

A) Same sex marriage

B) A woman's right to choose (prochoice)

C) Racial equality

D) Racial inequality

18) When describing or defending the biblical worldview, one should rely on:

A) Your debating skills

B) Faith and reason

C) Reason alone

D) Faith alone

19) According to the Institutional Review Board (IRB) website: "The IRB is required to review all research involving human participants to ensure the privacy, confidentiality, and safety of participants. The IRB is part of Liberty University's Research Ethics Office, which is responsible for ensuring that all research conducted by Liberty University faculty, staff, and students are done in accordance with federal regulations and university policy." With this context, which of the following describes the purpose of the Institutional Review Board (IRB)?

A) To ensure your proposed research can be completed before you graduate

B) To ensure you selected a research topic that is contextualized in the existing literature

C) To ensure your proposed research has practical significance

D) To ensure your proposed research is ethical and protects human subjects or animals

20) Visible light is

A) A large part of the electromagnetic spectrum

B) Not part of the electromagnetic spectrum

C) A small part of the electromagnetic spectrum

D) About half of the electromagnetic spectrum

21) Which of the following is an implication of learning in relation to God's revelation in creation?

A) Different branches of learning enhance our understanding of God, but all of them are subject to error.

B) Different branches of learning enhance our understanding of God, but we should only study theology because it investigates Scripture.

C) The only discipline that enhances our understanding of God is theology.

D) Different branches of learning enhance our understanding of God, but some are more limited than others due to sin.

22) When a person seeks to learn more about God, he/she can observe the ways God reveals Himself in His Word (Scripture) and His works (___________).

A) Power

B) Will

C) Grace

D) Creation

23) When Phil lists his house on his personal balance sheet, he should record the ________________.

A) fair market value

B) insured value

C) actual purchase price

D) sale price

24) A Christian's goal of the study of psychology is to help other Christians better know how to be _____ and ________in a broken, fallen world.

A) objective and thinking

B) salt and light

C) curious and skeptical

D) politically correct and subjective

25) Cookies are sold singly or in packages of 4 or 6. With this packaging, how many ways can you buy exactly 10 cookies?

A) 7

B) 4

C) 6

D) 5

26) The speed at which traffic is moving on a metropolitan freeway from 6am until 10am is modeled by the function: s(t) = 8t 2 - 128t + 542  where t is the time of day. How fast is traffic predicted to be moving at 9:00am?

A) 38mph

B) 60mph

C) 90mph

D) 22mph

27) God wants us to be good stewards of our resources. We can use math and technology to manage our resources properly. Let's say you earn $4000 after tithe and taxes each month. You want to see how much of your month paycheck can you donate for a good cause. You itemize your cost of living expenses (including savings) and determine that you need $45000 for the entire year. How much of your monthly paycheck can you give away as a donation?

A) $200 per month

B) $225 per month

C) $250 per month

D) $275 per month

28) A Christian university is planning to send a team of 25 students to Guatemala to witness to children at a summer camp. They will be there for one week. There is no fee for lodging at the camp, but each student will need to pay for his own food and travel. Estimate the amount of money each student will need to raise for the trip.

A) $200.00

B) $20.00

C) $20,000.00

D) $2,000.00

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