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Page 3 of 8 (34) __________ were a group of early Christians that were eventually deemed to be heretical to orthodox Christian belief. They held that...

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Page 3 of 8 (34) __________ were a group of early Christans ThaT were evenTually deemed To be heretcal To orThodox Christan belief. ±hey held ThaT ChrisT was noT really, fully human—his body dying on The cross was a mere illusion—and Thus ThaT he could noT have aToned for sins by dying a human, physical deaTh on The cross. InsTead salvaton came from a secret knowledge ThaT ChrisT gave only To a selecT group of knowers (The Greek word for which is how This group geTs iTs name) who passed iT down To oThers. ±his group had several non-canonical gospels including The Gospel of ±homas, and of The canonical gospels, The Gospel of John was mosT revered. (a) Arians (c) Gnostcs (b) MonTanisTs (d) MarcioniTes (35) All of The following were in some way major Fgures in The ProTesTanT Reformaton excepT: (a) Martn LuTher (c) King Henry VIII (b) John Calvin (d) Emperor Leo III (36) We refer To a religion as Theistc when (a) IT denies The docTrine of an ultmaTe realiTy (b) IT involves The belief in God or gods, and undersTands The divine in such Terms (c) IT emphasizes practce as opposed To Theory (d) IT feaTures an accounT of creaton as a narratve in iTs sacred scripTures (37) ±his spliT beTween The CaTholic and OrThodox Christan Churches is known as ___________ . (a) ±he Li²le SpliT (d) ±he Gnostc Succession (b) ±he GreaT Schism (e) ±he ProTesTanT Reformaton (c) ±he Aryan ConTroversy (38) ±here ain’T no parTy like a Yom Kippur parTy, because a Yom Kippur parTy is ______. (a) like Mardi Gras’s wild older sibling. ±haT aTmosphere is ToTally crazy and celebraTes The sTory of The Maccabees vicTory over The Greco-Syrians, and The miraculous feaT of one-day’s-worTh-of-oil (for The Menorah in The ±emple) lastng a full eighT days. . (b) a rare Islamic pilgrimage involving greaT displays of lighT and Freworks. (c) solemn and re³ectve. In realiTy, for observanT Jews, There is s trictly no partying on Yom Kippur because iT is The Day of Atonement : iT is a day of fastng, repentng To God, asking forgiveness for one’s fellow human beings, and inTense prayer. (d) a once-in-a-decade EasTern OrThodox celebraton where congreganTs are inviTed behind The iconostasis , or icon sTand, beTween The nave and sancTuary of The Church. (39) In Judaism, teFllin are _________ and tallit / tallis are _________________. (40) ±he full meaning or connoTaton of The word “ Islam” is ______________________ (a) ±he peace ThaT comes in surrendering or submi´ng To God. (b) May The fortTude of God be upon us for all eTerniTy. (c) µorever graTeful for The plentful bounTy of God’s gi¶s. (d) Abandoning oneself To The whims of The spiriTual world. (41) ±he ____________ naTure of God for many of The world’s monoTheistc religions is counTerbalanced by The perceived ___________________ of believers’ connecton To God in prayer and mystcal practces and experiences. (a) peaceful / violence (d) TranscendenT / immanence (b) omniscienT / secrecy (e) violenT / chariTy (c) mysTerious / plainness
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Religion 1301/Prof. Lewin Midterm (Due 7/12/2016) Name:__________________ (42) True or False: According to Muslim belief, Islam was not introduced as a new religion, but rather the revela±ons of the Qur’an to Muhammad are seen as a reawakening or reintroduc±on of the original monotheis±c faith of the prophet Abraham/Ibrahim. Page 2 of 7
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Page 3 of 8
(34) __________ were a group of early Christians that were eventually deemed to be heretical to orthodox Christian belief. They
held that Christ was not really, fully human—his body...

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