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Religion 1301/Prof. Lewin Midterm (Due 7/12/2016) Name:__________________ (34) Muslims believe that Muhammad was _________ .

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Religion 1301/Prof. Lewin Midterm (Due 7/12/2016) Name:__________________ (34) Muslims believe that Muhammad was _________ . (a) The Frst prophet (b) The Fnal prophet (c) One of many prophets (d) Both b and c (35) ±ollowing the death of King Solomon, the northern tribes of Israel seceded to form a kingdom their own, subsequently iden²Fed as the kingdom of ___________, while the remaining southern kingdom came to be known as the kingdom of _________, named for the major tribe that remained loyal to the royal house of David and his descendants. (36) The Jewish fes²vals of Sukkot, Passover (Pesach), and Shavuot, as well as the Jewish Sabbath commemorate, at least in part, some aspect of the story of ______________ as well as the rhythms of the ______________ as Ancient Israel was a largely agricultural society. (37) The Haggadah , which is read on _________________ makes ___________ references to Moses. (38) What is the Jewish Holiday referred to by Chris²ans as “Petecost” is known in English as “the ±east of Weeks,” and is a pilgrimage fes²val celebrated seven weeks a³er Passover. During the Rabinic era became associated with the giving of the Torah on Mt. Sinai? (39) The Frst Roman emperor to convert to Chris²anity was _____________, and he moved the imperial capital away from Rome to his own namesake. (40) Unlike in Chris²anity, in Islam, Adam and Hawa (Eve) su´er no catastrophic, unforgiven fall from grace in tas²ng the forbidden fruit, as Allah immediately forgives them. ________ is thus fundamentally good and doesn’t su´er from the indelible and individually insurmountable mark of (original) sin, but rather from the problem of _______. (a) Snakes / Leglessness (b) Fitra (human nature in its God established form) / Ghafalah ( forgeµng one’s divine origin ) (c) Ayat (The world) / SiTa (Pollu²on from evil) (d) None of the above (41) Islam presents the Day of Judgment and Heaven and Hell in ______________ terms. (a) Vivid, detailed, stark, & urgent (b) Rather relaxed and metaphorical (c) No terms at all / It doesn’t describe them. (42) The no²on of an “Eclipse of God” harkens back to _____________________ and is used by Jewish theologians to help answer the challenge of ________________. (a) the tower of Babel blocking out God’s light / the diversity of human beings and human cultures (b) the rainbow falling across the moon in the biblical story of Noah and ¶ood / God’s covenant with humanity versus God’s covenant with Israel (c) a voluntary contrac²on of God, or tzimtzum in the Lurianic interpreta²on of crea²on / theodicy, or the problem of evil (d) None of the above (43) The word Torah literally means _______, which is one of several things to which the words refers. (44) True or ±alse: Jews commonly refer to their Scriptures as the “Old Testament.” (45) Muhammad was married to Khadija, who was _________________, when he Frst received the revela²ons from God that form the Qur’an. (a) the daughter of Abu Bakr, the Frst Caliph a³er Muhammad Page 1 of 5
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Religion 1301/Prof. Lewin Midterm (Due 7/12/2016) Name:__________________ (b) an older and already wealthy and successful businesswoman (c) a fellow poor and disenchanted orphan (d) None of the Above (46) According to Islamic belief, the Angel ___________ visited Muhammad in _______ outside of Mecca and was responsible for passing on __________ to Muhammad. (47) This angel (in the ques±on above) commanded Muhammad to _____________, which echoes the meaning of the word “Qur’an”. (48) The 114 chapters (or _____________ ) of the Qur’an are ordered ________________ except for the Frst one. (49) Belief in the “Seal of the Prophets” refers to (a) ‘Ali because he eventually took up the role of Prophet and sealed Muhammad’s legacy (b) The archangel of God, because he sealed the prophecy to its messenger (c) Muhammad because he was the Fnal prophet, a²er whom the door to further prophecy was sealed. (d) Abraham/Ibrahim because he was the Frst prophet who stuck down and sealed the requirements for further great prophets of God (50) ³or Muslims, the sin of __________ , which is _______________ , is taken to be the only unforgiveable sin in the eyes of God, according to the Qur’an. (51) On Passover/Pesach, Jews refrain from ea±ng/drinking _____________________ and instead eat/drink ________ . (52) On Sukkot, or “Booths,” it is customary for Jews to _____________________ (a) Build a bonFre and decorate one’s house with its ashes, making it resemble a sukkah or booth (b) Proclaim the Glory of God using a Shofar, or Ram’s Horn in a pilgrimage to Sinai where sukkahs (booths) are set up for pilgrims (c) Refrain from Bathing and tear one’s clothing, si±ng along in a spiritual “booth” so as to mourn the loss of connec±on to divine through sin (d) Eat and sleep in a temporary dwelling, par±ally open to the sky – a sukkah (booth), and shake the Lulav and Etrog (Palm ³rond and Citron) in six direc±ons symbolizing God’s presence throughout. (62) True or ³alse: Jewish beliefs and scriptures about the nature of the a²erlife and end ±mes are voluminous and extensive ---Judaism spends a lot of ±me, e´ort, and pages concerned with the nature of life a²er death as compared to other Abrahamic/Ibrahimic religions. (63) The no±on of Israel’s or Jewish “chosen-ness” or elec±on has produced much _____________ from non-Jews about Jews throughout the ages. (64) Mitzvah/mitzvoth means ____________ in Hebrew, and is some±mes more loosely aµliated with “good deeds.” According to some scholars there are 613 of them, but only half are s±ll applicable a²er the destruc±on of the _________. (65) Which of the following foods is/are not Kosher in Judaism? a. Wheat d. Eggs b. Milk and Meat together e. (b) and (c) c. Pork f. (a) and (d) (66) The tradi±onal prayer quorum, or __________, in Judaism is how many people? (67) One of the most important prayers of Judaism that declares Jews’ belief in the unity and oneness of God and is found in both teFlin and mezuzahs (doorpost boxes), is the _____________ . Page 2 of 5
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Religion 1301/Prof. Lewin Midterm (Due 7/12/2016) Name:__________________ (34) Muslims believe that Muhammad was _________ .
(a) The first prophet
(b) The final prophet
(c) One of many prophets

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