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There are questions that are not bolded and I really needed help...

There are questions that are not bolded and I really needed help ASAP. Please help thank you

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Name:__________________ Religion 1301/Prof. Lewin Quiz 1 (6/19/2016) (1) Explicit accounts/defniTons oF the concept (or category) oF religion are ___a___. (a) truly ancient phenomena, daTng back to the very earliest historical records we can Fnd. (b) according to most religious scholars and our textbook, really, very easy to provide and there is li±le disagreement or di²erence between the accounts o²ered. (c) completely unworkable and hopeless. (d) relaTvely recent phenomena, daTng back to around the European Enlightenment. (2) What is the etymology/linguist root oF the word “religion”? What context did the word or concept arise? Old LaTn word religio deFned as forbidden/taboo, limitaTon. Religion originates from the two words re and ligare. Re is a preFx importance return and ligare intends to bind. (3) Which oF the Following concepTons/defniTons oF religion was not one that we covered? (a) Sociologist Emile Durkheim’s concepTon of religion, that (over) emphasizes its social nature. (b) Cultural Anthropologist Melford Spiro’s concepTon of religion as “an insTtuTon consisTng of culturally pa±erned interacTon with culturally postulated superhuman beings.” (c) Linguist Noam Chomsky’s (overly) criTcal deFniTon of religion as a series of irraTonal, spiritual beliefs o³en resulTng in immoral acTons of surrounding solidarity movements. (d) Protestant ´heologian Paul ´illich’s (over) emphasis on the existenTal aspects of religion in his view that “the religious aspect points to that which is ulTmate, inFnite, and uncondiTonal in man’s spiritual life. Religion, in the most basic sense of the word, is ulTmate concern.” (4) What is methodological agnosTcism and what does it require that we do in religious studies? Methodological agnosTcism implies that conFrmaTon is drawn nearer in a manner that supernatural and divine agency is thought to be mysterious and accordingly should be overlooked for study. (5) HenotheisTc religions these are religions that belief in and worship of one god while accepTng the existence or possible existence of other deiTes. (6) What are three prominent, recurring quesTons answered in some Form in nearly every religious tradiTon? What is UlTmate Reality? How should we live in this world? What is our UlTmate Purpose? (7) Gerald Larson’s account oF the concept oF religion is praised by the authors oF our textbook For its di±erenTaTon From Geetz’s in what two ways? (8) ´he authors of the textbook, “InvitaTon to World Religions” o²er what as their deFniTon of religion? What sort of account of religion do they take it to be? (9) What is the phenomenon oF heirophany ? hierophany reFers to a maniFestaTon oF the sacred. ´he word hierophany recurs frequently in the works of the religious historian Mircea Eliade, which he preferred to the more constricTve word theophany (an appearance of a god). Page 1 of 6
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