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You did not thrive in your job at the survey company, and now you are back at your former work museum curator. A Japanese auto manufacturer recently opened a facility in your city, and the museum’s upper management decided to do a series of exhibitions concerning Japan. One of those managers had recently toured Japan as part of a group, and the itinerary was one temple and shrine after another. So that manager’s impression of Japan is that religion is a deep component of the cultural fabric.

Your job is to write a preliminary plan for an exhibition on Japanese religion. Note the term “preliminary.” You need not and should not get into specifics about which objects to acquire, where to put them, and so forth. Instead, your report will:

1. list 5 main ideas about religious culture in Japan;

2. offer 2-4 sentences for each idea explaining why that is important and should be included in the exhibition; 

Your report is limited to 400 words. Be sure to include citations 

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