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Question 1 What are the major tenets of Calvinism?

 Question 1

What are the major tenets of Calvinism?


the doctrine of predestination

calling - glorifying God by fulfilling occupation

hard work is a virtue

all of the above


Question 2

According to Max Weber, which of the following belief systems fostered a worldview that promoted the development of capitalism?







Question 3

According to Durkheim, when people meet in their communities, establish social relationships, and give each other mutual aid, which of the following functions of religion are they fulfilling?


Social control

Social reproduction

Social variability

Social cohesion


 Question 4

Emile Durkheim's study of suicide was a way of exploring the larger concept of:


psychological trauma among certain populations.

integration or the lack of it in society.

personality dysfunctions of victims of suicide.

historical development of mental hospitals.


Question 5

According to Durkheim, ________ is the product of people's commitment and conformity to collective conscience.


a mechanically integrated society

an organically integrated society

social solidarity

the city


Question 6

Which type of authority is most adaptable to social change?







 Question 7

For Durkheim, the most important function of religion was to:


bring about social cohesion.

ensure that people behave morally.

suppress social revolt.

prevent suicide.




8 According to Max Weber, in a bureaucracy, the ideal official conducts business with a spirit of:

*a. formalistic impersonality.

b. passion.

c. affection.

d. enthusiasm.


 Question 8

According to Herbert Spencer's brand of social Darwinism, people who were being pushed off their land and into the factories and slums of cities


should be cared for by public funds and governmental intervention into their lives.

were less equipped culturally to succeed in an urban environment than people who could innovate and invent.

came from families who had been exploited by industry and were entitled to proper compensation from industrial organizations.

should unite and form powerful organizations against the economic forces that were oppressing them.


Question 9

The sociologist who pioneered the notion that society was like a living organism and who is associated with the idea of "Social Darwinism" is


Herbert Spencer

Karl Marx

George Herbert Mead

Sigmund Freud


Question 10

Max Weber believed that bureaucracy made social life more







Question 11

Charismatic authority finds its legitimization in people's belief that their leader


has been duly elected by the people and represents their ideas and interests.

embodies their traditions and customs and thus has a right to lead.

has a right to lead because of his or her ability to govern efficiently and rationally.

has God-given powers to lead them in new directions.


Question 12

Herbert Spencer believed that:


government should intervene in the lives of the powerless segments of society and stand by them in times of need.

economy should be an arm of government and subject to political process and control.

social evolution could not be improved by means of intentional action.

social development and evolution can be brought about by effective public action through political institutions.


Question 13

Max Weber's method for analyzing social action, Verstehen, entails:


constructive criticism

face-to-face questioning

statistical analysis

sympathetic understanding


 Question 14

People who kill themselves out of a sense of duty to the group or self-sacrifice would be termed by Durkheim as:


egoistic suicide

anomic suicide

wanton suicide

altruistic suicide


Question 15

According to Weber, which of the following is NOT a way bureaucracies "rationalize" human societies?




Norm of efficiency



Question 16

Which of the following exemplify Weber's concept of traditional authority?


Jesus Christ

Absolute monarchs of Europe

Bill Clinton



Question 17

According to Emile Durkheim, the reason deviant behavior is found in all societies is that:


human beings are naturally selfish and aggressive.

it performs useful social functions.

human beings have not yet developed effective methods of behavior control.

harmful actions are inevitable in mechanically integrated societies.


 Question 18

__________ was the ideology that Max Weber said justified economic success through rational, disciplined hard work.


the Iron Law of Wages

Social Darwinism


the Protestant Ethic


Question 19

Durkheim saw anomie as:


weak law enforcement

overemphasis on the welfare of the group




Question 20

Who suggested that religion can be the cause of major social change rather than the outcome of changes in other institutions?


Karl Marx

Nikolai Lenin

Max Weber

Friedrich Engels


Question 21

Max Weber defined social class in terms of


wealth, prestige, and power.

purely economic factors.

Karl Marx's philosophy.

possession of power only.


  Question 22

Durkheim observed that all religions, regardless of their particular doctrines, divide the universe into two mutually exclusive categories:


the natural and the unnatural.

the conventional and the unconventional.

it is the sacred an the profane.

the routine and the remarkable.


Question 23

Which one of the following is based on rational grounds and anchored in impersonal rules that have been legally enacted?


traditional authority

charismatic authority

transitional authority

legal-rational authority


Question 24

According to Max Weber churches tend to


express discontent with leadership by becoming more like cults.

become established along rigid denominational lines.

justify inequality within the society in which they exist.

oppose issues when such opposition attracts new members

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