Provide one example of each type of empowerment.The first, informational competencyIntellectual competency

  1. , includes the knowledge and awareness social workers possess regarding the groups with whom they work. This knowledge includes styles of communication, worldview, behavioral patterns, and lifestyle; absence of this knowledge limits the ability of the social worker to engage in empowerment.
  2.  for empowerment requires social workers to consider how informational knowledge can be used to work with client systems. It involves thinking about how best to approach a given group, anticipating and planning for potential challenges.
  3. Intrapersonal competency for empowerment involves the social worker's "genuine affinity for the individual or community with whom he or she is working" (Bush, 2004, p. 51). This means honestly caring about the community, being committed to its empowerment, and being aware of one's own values, biases, and worldview.
  4. Interpersonal competency for empowerment is the ability "to communicate with genuineness and warmth" (Bush, 2004, p. 51). To the worker must be able to respond to communication patterns unique to the community. This includes slang or other communication devices used in a given community. It also requires respecting the uniqueness of each system and not violating its norms
  5. Finally, interventional competency for empowerment requires that the social worker be able to use knowledge and various skills in pursuit of empowerment. Such skills include identifying an appropriate intervention plan, engaging community networks and other resources in the effort, monitoring the process, and evaluating outcomes.

Provide one example of each type of empowerment. The first, informational competency , includes the knowledge and awareness social workers possess...
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