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Hi, I hope you are feeling nice and there's 22 multiple choice questions

choose answer which is more sense to question and make sure you choose the best answer

it must be 100% marks

Answer following 1 to 4 questions in those sources 

Source 1 

"I believe that all people should have the right to determine their own fate in society. It is not the role of the government to interfere with my right to earn a living. Nor, is it their right to force me to give up my hard earned money to others. If I want to give money to the poor, I will donate to charity. The function of government is to mainly provide things that keep safety and security such as police."

Source two 

"Sure, there is a need for private business to exist. Even these people must realize that they are really working for the betterment of our wonderful country. However, when it comes to most , it is clear that leaders know what is best for the nation. The vast majority of the population is simply not capable of governing. People are not equal.

Source three

" Until we realize that we are slaves to our government and our Business owners, continue to miserable existence The system need to change. No one is better than another. Why is it fair that 1% of the population controls the majority of the wealth in the word? We need a system that ensures that everyone is basically equal and is guaranteed the same standard of living."

Source 4

"What we need is a balance between the right to live your life the way you want to and the responsibility to protect the rest of society. The government needs to step to those that cannot help themselves. It is the responsibility of citizens who are in the positions to help to provide assistance. The only way this can be guaranteed is through government. Not all people will voluntarily give up some of what they have. Thus, the government must intervene through things such as taxation"

Question 1 

Which source would a believer in communism most likely support?


A. Source 1

B.Source 2

C. Source 3

D.Source 4

Question 2 

Which source would John Stuart mill most likely identify with?

A.Source 1

B. Source 2

C. Source 3

D. Source 4

Question 3

The sources that have the greatest conflict in their beliefs and values are?

Hint: which sources are farthest apart on the political/economic spectrum?

A.source 1 and source  2

B.source 2 and source  3

C.source 2 and source 4

D. Source 3 and source 4

Question 4 

The source that is closest to that of fascist Germany is?

A.source 1

B. Source 2

C. Source 3

D.source 4

Question 5

What term is frequently used to describe women who campaigned for the right to vote in the United States?




D.Sister of Democracy

Hint question 

The ability to vote is also known as the "franchise and suffrage"

Question 6

The primary difference between Italian and German fascism was? 

A.the Nazi reliance on paramilitary organizations to eliminate political opposition.

B.the Nazi anti-liberal and anti-communist policies

C.the Nazis were not imperialistic

D.the Nazi program of racial purity anti- Semitism

Hint question: Hitler expressed his hatred for the Jews in his widely read book "Mein Kampf.

Question 7

In his writings , the term Marx would most likely use to describe the individuals depicted above would be?


B.Middle class

C.Bourgeoise(business owners)

D.Proletariat( workers)

Source for number 8 and 9 question 

"8 hours daily labour is enough for any human being...." said by Robert Owen

"In this new order people possess a guarantee of well-being of a minimum sufficient for the present and the future".  Said by Charles Fourier.

"No boy should have to depend either for his leg or his life upon the ability of his parents to raise enough money to bring a first class surgeon to his bedside" said by Tommy Douglas

Question 8

The above speakers would likely share the belief that?

A.Classical liberalism does not economically benefit all of society.

B.Social inequality is a result of little government intervention.

C.Government intervention is necessary for a stable, just society.

D. All of the above 

Question 9

The above speakers express views most consistent with ?


B.Democratic Socialism



Question 10 

An individualist would value all of the below except?

A.Private property 

B.Rule of law

C.Economic equality

D.Self interest 

Chart for number 11 and 12

1.A factory worker in 1990      2.A factory in 1850 



 4.A factory worker in 1990     3.A factory in 1850

Question 11

The pair of people shown in the chart who would mostly likely agree over the benefits of Laissez faire  economics are?

A.1 and 2

B.1 and 4

C.2 and 3

D.3 and 4

Question 12 

In reference to the chart, the statement. "The government should act to protect the rights and securities of the worker" is most acceptable to persons numbered

A.1,2 and 3

B. 1,2 and 4

C. 1,3 and 4

D. 2,3, and 4

Use this statement to answer for number 13

Industrial capitalism in the twentieth century has changed dramatically since the mid-nineteenth century. Workers have more protection as do consumers. It could be said that, in comparison with the vicious characteristics of the free enterprise system in 1850 , and without the necessity of a revolution in 1990 we truly have capitalism with a "human face.

Question 13 

If you were to accept the speaker's description as accurate, the economic philosopher whose views have been most responsible for the changes in capitalism is 

A.Karl Marx

B.Adam smith 

C.Robert Owen 

D.John Stuart Mill

Question 14

The view of a 19th century classical liberal is best represented by the belief that: 

A.Wealth should be shared equally among all 

B.Class differences should be preserved at all costs 

C.Individuals should be free to pursue their interests 

D.Government regulation is necessary to protect workers

Use these comments by four speakers to answer the next questions

Speaker 1: The capitalist class and its greedy exploitive practices and actions should be eliminated from society.

Speaker 2: Individual freedom is the most important characteristic of any society and must always be preserved.

Speakers 3: It is the duty of the government to act to safeguard the powerless from exploitation by the powerful.

Speaker 4: A stable,  ordered society must be preserved. The purpose of government should be to ensure law and order, not to control the economy. Tradition is important.

Question 15 

The speakers most threatened by the government reforms and labour movement coming out of the of the Industrial Revolution are

A.1 and 2

B.2 and 3

C.3 and 4

D.2 and 4

Question 16 

From an economic point of view, the pair of speakers who lost agree with one another are?

A.1 and 3

B.2 and 3

C.3 and 4

D.2 and 4

Question 17 

In Canada a member of the New Democratic Party would likely have the most tolerance for the views expressed by speakers

A.1 and 3

B.2 and 3

C.3 and 4

D.4 and 1

Use the information to answer questions 18-20

Type 1: Power in the hands group representing the one political party allowed in the system states policies are guided by a founding doctrine Opposition to the government is severely controlled.

Type 2: Typically one individual has a high degree of political control and passes leadership on to other family members . There is often strict control on the activites citizens and a long history of dictatorial rule.

Type 3: Frequently one political party has complete political power, and under a charismatic dictator uses rules and harsh punishment to control opponents. The citizens are encouraged to show great national pride and some racial groups may be treated as inferiors.

Type 4 Leaders often are armed forces commanders and use the armed force to gain control. The government may attempt to look demoratic but citizens have little or no political power. Public unrest is often controlled by the use of violence and brutality.

Question 18 

The governments of Fascist and Nazi Germany are dictatorships characterized in the chart as type?





Question 19 

A common feature of all four types dictatorship described in the information is

A.the belief in the racial superiority of the ruling group

B.use of a political idea to justify the government's control

C.control of political leadership by members of a specific family 

D.Control of citizens to prevent challenges to the power of the ruling group.

Question 20 

Hitler's appeal to German nationalism was based mostly on his claim that:

A.Germany had not been treated fairly in the peace settlements at the end of World War

B.Germany should have colonies in Africa as it had before World War 1

C. The United States was responsible for Germany's economic problems

D.the former Soviet Union was interfering in Germany's internal affairs.

Question 21

Hitler's use of Jewish people to blame for Germany's political and economic problems is  an example of:

A.Direction of popular discontent 

B.fear and terror 

C.economic determinism 


Use the chart to answer question 22

Nation 1=                             Nation 2=

Western European.            Totalitarian 

Tradition                              Government 

Representative.                   Economic goals set      

                                             by the government. 


Free market 


Individual freedom.                Private ownership 

Question 22

The information in the above chart best represents the ideological split between 

A.Soviet union and china

B.USA and the Soviet union

C.Europe and USA 

D. Nazi germany and the Weimar Republic( Germany after WW1)

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