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1.     Women Sexual Assault and Related Psychological Issues
2.     Problem Definition and Introduction: The main aim of this paper is to find the answer to the questions, how does sexual assault lead to psychological issues? Approximately 15 million adolescent girls aged between 15 years and 19 years worldwide have been directly involved with forced sex at a certain point in their lives (UNICEF, 73). As much as the number of sexually assaulted women increases, countries are putting enough effort towards making sure that the issue is fully addressed, as the women continue having a psychological issue (UNICEF, 73). The issue of sexual assault affects all women from various sectors, from school, going women, professional women, and even sex workers. Most of the college students have been affected by sexual assault. However, they usually lack the necessary resources in their colleges to help them handle the issue (Eisenberg et al. 274). Therefore, the need for colleges to allocate the necessary resources in making sure that the needs of sexual students are in getting better mental health is being handled (Eisenberg et al. 274). The discrimination that sex workers go through after facing a sexual assault leads to many developing psychological issues since they face being decimated from the rest of the population (Sprankle et al. 274). Getting to know how sexual assault leads to psychological issues to women will help in making sure that people take the necessary actions towards making sure that women who have gone through such an issue are helped to have better mental health.
3.     Literature Review
Eisenberg, Marla E., et al. "Campus sexual violence resources and emotional health of college women who have experienced sexual assault." Violence and Victims 31.2 (2016): 274-284.
           "Campus sexual violence resources and emotional health of college women who have experienced sexual assault." It is an article whose aim was to examine the association between resources on college campuses for sexual violence prevention and the emotional wellbeing of female students who have experienced sexual assault. The article suggests that colleges need to increase their support resources towards sexual violence cases. In doing so, colleges will be able to plan a supportive environment for victims of sexual assault and being to connect with the students who have been sexually assaulted through the availability of resources that are essential in helping the students. This article is key since it argues the need for resource allocation towards helping sexually assaulted victims.
Rosellini, Anthony J., et al. "Sexual assault victimization and mental health treatment, suicide attempts, and career outcomes among women in the US Army." American journal of public health 107.5 (2017): 732-739.
           This article is key in illustrating how sexual assault towards women while working can lead to mental health issues and a negative impact on their careers. The main of the article was to examine administratively recorded sexual assault victimization associations during military service with subsequent mental health and negative career outcomes among US Army women controlling for nonrandom victimization exposure. According to the study, women with a history of sexual assault had higher chances of subsequent mental health treatment. Therefore, the study concludes that in most cases of sexual assault, victimization is directly linked to considerable suffering, and there is a minimal force towards readiness to handle the issue.
Sprankle, Eric, et al. "The role of sex work stigma in victim-blaming and empathy of sexual assault survivors." Sexuality research and social policy 15.3 (2018): 242-248.
           "The role of sex work stigma in victim-blaming and empathy of sexual assault survivors" aimed to research the effect of sex work stigma on observer's victim blame and empathy towards sexual assault survivors. The article outlines that most sex workers usually face a lot of barriers from the criminal justice system while reporting the cases of sexual violence towards them. The article is vital in explaining how sex work has been decriminalized, therefore the need for educational initiatives that may help reduce the stigma of the marginalized population. Sex work stigmatization has the major cause of the rise of sexual assault towards women that do sex work. Therefore, there is a need for action to be taken to people that assault sex workers.
Starzynski, Laura L., Sarah E. Ullman, and Amanda L. Vasquez. "Sexual assault survivors' experiences with mental health professionals: A qualitative study." Women & Therapy 40.1-2 (2017): 228-246.
           This article is very key in trying to discuss the need for sexual assault victims to have a good relationship professional. According to the study, the sexual victims who had an interaction with one professional and telling the issue that is key in their recovery journey had a more positive experience than those who had multiple professionals and shared their issues with them. Therefore, the study gives information on the need for a better experience for sexual victims. Thus, being able to state the factors that impact the experience sexual victims as they seek professional help which includes, context and nature of disclosure, the readiness of survivors to disclose, building trust, the perceived control over recovery, and mental health system factors impacting access and quality of care. The study provides information that is key to training mental health professionals on how to encounter sexual assault survivors.
UNICEF. "A Familiar Face: Violence in the lives of children and adolescents." (2017), p. 73, 82.
           I chose this article because it provides facts about sexual assault among women. According to the article, approximately 15 million adolescent girls aged between 15 years and 19 years worldwide have been directly involved with forced sex at a certain point in their lives. The article further states that in most countries, the most affected are girls who are at high risk of forced sex by a current or former husband, partner. However, the article also suggests that based on 30 countries' data, the assaulted women who sought professional help were one percent. The article will be essential in providing researched data on the number of women who are being affected by the issue of sexual assault.
4.     Hypothesis
Women's sexual assault is directly linked to the development of psychological issues.
Women sexually assaulted and psychological issues.
5.     Choosing a research method
The most preferred method that I will use in doing this research paper is the quantitative method. I will be able to use statistical data collected from participants to analyze the research problem. Therefore, being able to get real facts basing on the arising issue, from the data collected.
6.     Personal Response
While doing this assignment, I found answers to my question of how sexual assault leads to psychological issues? According to the research, the answer to the question is that most sexual assault cases are not handled in the right manner. Therefore money women end up having psychological issues. In most instances, women who have gone through sexual assault don't have the necessary channels to get assistance (Eisenberg et al. 274). It can be linked to a lack of necessary resources to help women who have gone through sexual assault (Eisenberg et al. 274). The judicial system has been the major cause of the continued sexual assault towards women. Sex workers who have been sexually assaulted usually have a hard time handling cases of being victimized. That is because of the stigma that exists towards the sex workers (Sprankle et al. 274). Sexual assault victims need to have a good connection and interaction with a professional trying to address her mental issues since it is key in handling the psychological issues associated with sexual assault (Starzynski et al. 228). Women who are sexual assaulted while they are at work end up with mental health issues. Thus, many find it hard to perform their duties (Rosellini et al. 732). The continuous suffering causes that the victims go through without getting the much psychological help they need for better mental health (Rosellini et al. 732).
The sources that I used all talked about the issue of women being sexually assaulted. Four of the sourced indicated that sexual assault towards women is directly linked to women having psychological issues. However, one of the sources only focused on the fact that the figures of women faced with the issue of sexual assault.
The research process enabled me to gain new knowledge. I learned that there is stigmatization towards sex workers, hence making it hard for them to get justice on the issue of sexual assault (Sprankle et al. 274). The judicial system has made it hard for sex worker women to get justice on sexual assault towards them. Therefore, most of them end having psychological issues (Sprankle et al. 274). Moreover, they continue suffering from sexual assault by getting the necessary help.
Through the process of this assignment, I was able to learn the sociological research is essential for a better society. Being able to do sociological research, one can get information about the issues that directly affect society. Moreover, how issues affect people in society is changing, therefore doing research is key in getting data about the emerging issues. I struggled with making sure that I don't use my personal experience in arguments in the research. Therefore, I was very careful in making sure that I don't use my personal experience in the research. Finally, the process of doing this research was key to gaining knowledge and challenging. 

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Hi there, I have this assignment on sociology, I would like for someone to take a look at it if it's done correctly. I also want help with editing,
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