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Using the interview below create blog to promote the profession of

social work to the other Senior High school students . Make it comprehensive on information about the social worker including also competencies, career opportunities, responsibilities and accountabilities of a profession social worker. Make the blog inspiring.

The Interview:
a. When did you start working as a social worker in this agency?
I started working in this agency as a social worker in the month of October 2018.
b. What are your roles and responsibilities? What programs do you handle?
As a case management and child protection officer my roles include offering psychosocial support to minor girls in our program, child protection services, psychosocial support and finally child protection. I handle a program GEP (Girls Empowerment Program) and Case Management program in my line of work.

c. What skills, knowledge, and values must a social worker possess?
As a social worker you need to be a good communicator, empathetic, be an active listener, critical thinking, patience, cultural competence, organization skills, boundary setting and finally know the value of self-care. 

d. How do you see yourself as a social worker?
I'm a really caring and compassionate person, who has always been interested in social work and looking after children. I developed fantastic relationships with all of the children involved and am still in contact with many of them now, this was the most rewarding experience of my career. My roles challenged me to my utmost, but I ultimately emerged a more capable, experienced, and confident social worker. I'm extremely grateful for the opportunities that I have been afforded.
e. What do you enjoy doing? What do you avoid doing?
What I enjoy doing most is working with families in a crisis. Seeing them heal and move from one level to another gives me satisfaction. The one thing I avoid doing is crossing boundaries and getting attached to the children I work with.

f. What challenges do you encounter as a social worker?
 Being exposed to these highly emotional situations can lead to compassion fatigue. It can be difficult to remain unaffected by distressing cases, especially when you are dealing with them on a daily basis. I sometimes suffer from depersonalization, emotional exhaustion, and other more easily identifiable symptoms such as headaches very often.

g. What helps you in your work?
The fact that there is a lot of shared brain and support from my colleagues is a major pillar. Being that I'm doing my work from a point of passion has also been a great motivator to enable me deliver to the best of my ability.

h. What education and training do you need to enhance your work?
 Tertiary level of training in addition have certification courses and exams to enable your professional qualification. More educational materials would also be required to know the requirements in the career and personal experiences of people.

i. What other message do you want to convey
It is the most fulfilling thing you will ever do. Seeing people rise to different levels with your support and hear the success stories warms your heart the most.

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Using the interview below create blog to promote the profession of social work to the other Senior High school students . Make it comprehensive on
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