Type: Individual Project Unit: Introducing Sociology Due Date: Sun, 2/7/2015 Grading Type: Numeric Points Possible: 100 Points Earned: 0 Deliverable
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Individual Project


Introducing Sociology

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Sun, 2/7/2015

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2 pages

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According to sociologist C. Wright Mills, people often believe that their private lives can only be explained in terms of their personal successes and failures. Individuals fail to see the links between their own lives and the larger society around them. The process of interpreting your individual life in the context of your community or the society in which you live is called sociological imagination.

  1. Choose 1 of the following social problems:
    • Being unemployed and the impact of unemployment on the individual and society
    • Being an alcoholic and the broader impact of alcoholism on the individual and society
    • Being a drug addict and the broader impact of drug addiction on the individual and society
    • Being an unmarried pregnant teenager and the impact that unmarried teen pregnancy has on the individual and society
    • Being a homeless person and the broader issue of poverty in society
  2. Using your sociological imagination, discuss the connection between the individual experience and the social impact of the social problem that you chose.

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  • Unit 1: Introduction to Sociology
  • Unit 1: Theoretical Perspectives and Free Choice
  • Unit 1: Social Problems
  • Unit 1: Sociology
  • Unit 1: Introduction to Sociology

Grading Rubric

Submission addresses content requirements


Evidenced critical thinking and connection to real-world and assignment scenario applicability


Justified ideas and responses by using appropriate examples and references from texts, Web sites, and other references or personal experience


Adherence to assignment deadlines, length requirement, correct spelling and proper grammar, and properly formatted per APA style


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