It's now 8:00 a.m. in the life of Beti Villalobos. For each of the...

It's now 8:00 a.m. in the life of Beti Villalobos. For each of the drawings, complete the sentence to express what she's just done by typing in the correct form of the verb. ¡OJO! In some cases you will need to use the reflexive form of the verb, in other cases not.

The picture is a woman laying in bed at 6:00am on the alarm clock. the answer starts with 1. Acaba de ___.

Number 2 is a picture of her getting out of bed at 6:30am

2.Acaba de ___

Number 3 is her washing her hair in the shower.

3.Acaba de____

Number 4 is her drying off with a towl.

4.Acaba de ___

Number 5 shes getting dressed in the mirror.

5.Acaba de ___

Number 6 she is putting make up on

6.Acaba de ___

Number 7 she is waking up her son.

7.Acaba de _despertar_ a su hijo. The answer here is (despertar) I know for sure.

But I got all the others wrong, please help.

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a molestieamet, conseu

usce dui lipsum dolox

iscing elitm risus an,sque dapibusiciturginia pulvi,

, consectetaciniax

m ipsum dolsus antx

, consectetusce duix

facilisiscongue vDonec aliq

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"Thank you so much for your help! That makes sense now as to why I was getting the answers wrong. For number 3 she was wanting the answer to be Acaba de lavarse el pelo."