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After my work in this chapter, I am ready to communicate about past...

After my work in this chapter, I am ready to communicate about past events and actions.

Write sentences to express how long it has been since various events have or have not been taking place. Use the construction hacer + time + que and follow it with the details in the question prompt. ¡OJO! Be sure to start each sentence with a capital letter and end with a period.


  • Juan / no tocar el piano / dos años
  • Hace dos años que Juan no toca el piano.

1. Lucía / no trabajar / tres meses

2. Santi y Silvina / no comprar verduras / un año

3. nosotros / no ir al centro comercial / una semana

4. yo / no divertirse / demasiado tiempo

5. tú / mirar el menú / media hora

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