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Running head: MARCETTA, WONG & PALMIROTTO INVESTMENT COMPANY 1 Question One Sherry Stull Faye, the general manager for Marcetta, Wong & Palmirotto Investment Company supports the idea of having an online investment house to manage businesses when the managers are busy; however, the board of directors proposes the use of automated management of the investment decisions that will employ mathematical procedures. Thus, it is importance to harmonize the ideas of both the general manager and those of the board of directors. To begin with it is imperative to acknowledge the fact that technology has become part of humanity, and hi-tech applications are almost replacing all professionals that include the financial advisors. A new crop of online advisors has been developed that employ computer- generated models that are in a position to manage portfolio automatically. The online services offer an excellent option for investors because technological innovations have proven efficient and reliable provided the optimal security measures are put in place. Online portfolio management is currently being adopted by many firms from the Wall Street Banks that are engaged in brokerage and asset-management because the services are complete. It is important to consider the advantages of the online fort folio house that is being proposed by the general manager: The management is in a position to do their transactions anywhere provided they have access to the internet. One is able to control the transactions and make the necessary transactions depending on the financial market situation. The management is able to take the time to analyze the financial market and have control over the transactions without relying on one brokers or automated system. According to Gray and Carlisle (2013) there are advantages of using automated portfolio management, which include: It enables a firm to gain competitive advantage The staff and other infrastructure within a firm are able to improve their efficiency when using the information technology. There are always new capabilities due to the ability to expand beyond the geographical boundaries. There is reduced risk when there is strict control of the applications for business continuity purposes. The management can decide to make the decision and combine both forms of portfolio management. Efforts to blend between the online investment house and the automated system, the general manager should invest in market research from clients in regards to risk depending on the investment. This is because different clients have different tastes and preferences. While making such the decision, the goal of Marcetta, Wong & Palmirotto Investment Company should satisfy the clients whilst meeting their interests. Thus, while the firm will create a portfolio with goals and profiles for a respective investor, it must be able to advice the clients accordingly. Marcetta, Wong & Palmirotto Investment Company, will depend on the feedback from the client to the balance of bond funds and stock to recommend on whether to employ either portfolio management.
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