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Rivera 1 Napoleon Rivera Professor Detwiler SPAN May 6, 2016 Immigration Introduction Immigration is the exodus of individuals into a destination country where they are not born or in a state where they do not possess citizenship in order to reside or settle as if it is the land of their birth for matters relating to employment as temporary or foreign workers. Therefore, the paper is an essay of ‘Odyssey to the North.’ By Mario Bencastro. Analysis This paper first inquiries the proceeded with underestimation of these Central American personalities from standard and even negligible social talk, and after that inspects the artistic endeavors of Salvadoran-conceived creator Mario Bencastro to battle the self-destruction and feeling of non-having a place distinguished above through social expression, creative energy and the reevaluation of Salvadoran encounters and characters. The underestimation that Arias talks about goes past a feeling of social intangibility. It is imperative first to perceive and address the summed up avoidance of Central American migration and social generation from investigations of "Latino" society. In inspecting treasuries and social readers for my American Studies courses, it is unthinkable not to notice that notwithstanding the rich social conventions of Central America, its creators, writers and dramatists are once in a while, if at any point, spoke to among their pages (Craft 152). It is hard to accuse the editors of such productions for their choice to take after on the customs of educating "Latinos" as three fundamental gatherings, immediately
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