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Hello I am needing tutor assistance with my Intro to Spanish course.

Please see some of the example questions below.

1-8 Complete the descriptions with the correct form of the verb ser.

Modelo: María es inteligente y organizada.

1. Nosotros 
2. Yo 
 responsable y puntual.
3. Marta y Camila 
 creativas y generosas.
4. Carlos 
 independiente y extrovertido.

Hint: Write down your answers following the same structure as the model, when shown. Remember to add accents, special characters, and a period at the end of a sentence when necessary.

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1-8Complete the descriptions with the correct form of the verbser. Modelo:Mara es inteligente y organizada.Nosotros estudiantes.Yo responsable y...
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