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I could use some help with Part 2. I have been out of school for a

while and I am taking this class online and I am having issues starting the sentence off the right way

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Notas de estudio Leccion 10 Prueba B Escuchar Read the sentences. Then, listen to the radio adver±sement and indicate if each statement is cierto or falso , based on what you hear. This sec±on deals with vocabulary about medicines and allergies. Study 332-333. ¿ Qué te duele? Look at the illustra±ons and describe what is wrong with each person and what they should do to get be²er. Use your imagina±on and iden±fy each person by name using the following vocabulary: doler el oído romperse el brazo tener dolor de cabeza tener dolor de estómago tener mucha Febre Be sure to conjugate your verbs properly. En la consulta Complete the conversa±on between a doctor and a pa±ent with the appropriate adverbs. Use the words in parentheses to form your answers. Review page 354 for this sec±on. Una explosión Read the paragraph to get the gist of what happened. Then write the appropriate preterite or imperfect forms of the verbs in parentheses in the blanks provided. Pages 342, 343, 346, 347 are helpful for this sec±on.
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Preguntas Answer questons in Spanish. Use compleTe senTences. Similar questons can be found on pages 345 and 353. Lectura Read The pamphleT and answer The questons in compleTe senTences. ¡Debe cuidar 1 sus dientes, los necesita para toda la vida! ±he vocabulary is abouT denTal care and look over page 350 for some grammar review. De niño/a WriTe a paragraph of aT leasT Fve or six senTences abouT The Things you used To do during The summer when you were a child. Include an example abouT an injury you received one summer. If you cannoT Think of one, feel free To invenT. You should use The imperfecT and The preTeriTe Tenses and aT leasT Three adverbs. WhaT did you used To do in The summer? WhaT happened To you one summer? Were you sick or did you hurT yourself? Did you go To The docTor's o²ce? Did you Take any medicine?
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Notas de estudio Leccion 10 Prueba B Escuchar Read the sentences. Then, listen to the radio advertisement and indicate if each statement is cierto or...
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