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43.Whenever we reject thenull hypothesis, as researchers what type...

43.Whenever we reject the null hypothesis, as researchers what type of error are we most concerned that we may have made?  

Standard error

Null hypothesis error

Alternative hypothesis error

Type II statistical error

Type I statistical error

44.In the general population, patients who are recovering from bronchial pneumonia normally take a mean (average) of 4.75 days to leave the hospital, with a population standard deviation of 1.82 days. Medical personnel at a hospital are trying a new medication that is designed to ease breathing during recovery. What is not currently known is whether the new medication will impact duration of hospital stay. The first sample of 25 patients (n=25) to whom this medication was administered were released from the hospital in a mean (average) of 2.60 days. Based on this result, should the hospital conclude that there is a significant difference in duration of hospital stay because of the new medication? 

Calculate the 99% confidence interval.  The mean that you will use in this calculation is ____:






45.What is the critical value you will use for the 99% confidence interval? (BASED ON EXAMPLE USED IN Q44)

+/- 1.65

+/- 1.70

+/- 1.96

+/- 2.33

+/- 2.58

46.Calculate the 99% confidence interval. Which 2 values will be required to complete the following equation for the confidence interval? (BASED ON EXAMPLE USED IN Q44)

+/- 1.65

2.1416 < µ < 4.2584

1.7319 < µ < 3.4281

1.6609 < µ < 3.5391

1.8068 < µ < 4.5932

0 < µ < 1.96

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