SPSS 26 HelpChapter 24 Exercise File 2.savPart 2 (20 points):  Click ModulesHW#5 Part 2 (PDF)

  • Part 1 (5 points): Exercises 6 though 8 on Page 165 in the textbook (Michelle collects...). Use the  data file and follow the instruction there. You will see that hints are shown in the textbook. You can take a look at them if you feel it is necessary to do so, but I want you to work on this assignment without looking at the hints first.
  • , download the PDF file "," and follow the instruction on the sheet. I expect that you correctly perform the SPSS procedures and write a report in a few paragraphs based on the findings. In your report, include a brief description of the research question, the operationalization of the variables used, the results, and pieces of advice to Scott. To complete Part 2, you may have to use the SPSS procedures that you learned in earlier chapters as well.

Exercises 6 though 8 on Page 165 in the textbook (Michelle collects. Use the Chapter 24 Exercise File 2.sav data file and follow the instruction...
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